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Changsha: Make good use of the golden key of “four lower grassroots” to hand over the new answer sheet of “People First” – City and State Selection – Hunan Online

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The “Four Grassroots” Uniting the People: Changsha’s New Answer Sheet for “People First”

Since the launch of the theme education, party organizations and party members and cadres at all levels in Changsha have been taking the “four grassroots” as the starting point and firmly following the party’s mass line in the new era. With a focus on promoting “people first”, Changsha has strived to deepen the connection between the party and the people, addressing the needs and concerns of the citizens.

In a recent lecture at the Hunan Martyrs Park, Yang Decai, a good man in China and a moral model in Hunan Province, highlighted the importance of “going down to the grassroots level” and deeply engaging with the people. General Secretary Xi Jinping has been a strong advocate of this approach, which involves propagating the party’s line, principles, and policies at the grassroots level, as well as investigating and studying at the grassroots level, receiving letters and calls at the grassroots level, and conducting on-site work at the grassroots level.

Since the launch of the second batch of thematic education, the city of Changsha has internalized the fine tradition of the “four at the grassroots level” and externalized it in practice. Various activities have been organized to promote the party’s innovative theory and to deeply root it in the hearts of the people. The city has established a theoretical propaganda team at the city, county, township, and village levels, with special propaganda groups and grassroots propaganda backbones reaching more than 1,000 individuals.

Furthermore, the city of Changsha has actively worked to observe public opinion and conduct real on-the-ground research. Party members and cadres have been going to the front lines to understand the pulse of the people, dissect key issues, and solve problems at the grassroots level. This approach has led to the deepening of theoretical “cloud lectures”, where classes are brought to the “cloud” and held “online”, ensuring that the party’s innovative theories reach the homes of ordinary people.

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By listening to the voices of the people, monitoring their sentiments, and taking practical actions to promote development, Changsha has been able to transform the concerns and worries of the people into practical solutions. This includes addressing transportation needs, providing services for the elderly, and improving overall livelihood issues for the citizens.

The city’s dedication to solving the problems and conflicts faced by the masses has been instrumental in building a strong connection between the party and the people. Through the “Four Grassroots” approach and with a focus on “people first”, Changsha has been able to hand over a new answer sheet that reflects the needs and aspirations of its citizens.

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