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Changtai District Boosts High-Quality Development Through Talent Project Implementation

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Title: Changtai District’s Talent Project Boosts High-Quality Development and Population Growth

Subtitle: “Long Love Talents·Looking forward to your coming” project bolsters Changtai’s economy and social development

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Changtai District is experiencing a significant rise in population size, population quality, talent quality, and social economy, thanks to the successful implementation of the “Long Love Talents·Looking forward to your coming” talent project. This comprehensive initiative has not only strengthened the city’s cohesion and radiation but also propelled high-quality development in multiple sectors. Changtai is on its way to becoming a modern coastal city with a promising future.

To kickstart the summer season, Changtai District organized a special job fair for college graduates. This event, along with the thriving school-local cooperation and the positive response to talent apartments, has significantly boosted morale and inspired the people of Changtai. The success of these initiatives has added color to the “Changtai business card,” solidifying its reputation as an attractive destination for talent.

In recent years, Changtai District has focused on industry-university-research collaborations and talent introduction programs. Through visits to renowned universities, such as Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) and Shenzhen Graduate School of Peking University, the district has facilitated the recruitment of fresh graduates from prestigious universities. The quality of these graduates has steadily improved, with an increasing number of graduates from top-tier institutions joining various companies in Changtai. The district has also made significant progress in expanding its industrial parks, developing the headquarters economy, and attracting high-level talents.

Recognizing the need for diverse talent, Changtai District has made efforts to address shortages in various sectors. It has actively promoted labor service export bases, organizing recruitment activities in cooperation with labor service bases in other provinces. In the first quarter of this year alone, over 5,000 jobs were provided through these efforts. Furthermore, the district has focused on addressing shortages in the education and healthcare systems. Collaborative efforts with medical colleges and universities have resulted in new agreements and the introduction of undergraduate students aiming to pursue advanced degrees.

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To create a favorable talent environment, Changtai District has provided comprehensive service guarantees and established partnerships with educational institutions. In collaboration with the School of Culture and Media of the Central University of Finance and Economics, the district has established a “College Student Internship Practice Base.” This initiative further highlights the district’s commitment to retain talents by providing excellent services and guarantees. The talent apartment, known as “298 Youth City,” is equipped with essential facilities and offers a welcoming environment for young professionals.

Changtai District has continuously improved its talent policies and training programs. By showcasing its recent achievements in talent development, the district aims to encourage talented individuals from Changtai to return home and contribute to its growth. Cooperative agreements with universities have established practice bases to facilitate long-term partnerships, industry-university-research cooperation, and talent training. Additionally, enterprises play a vital role in attracting and recognizing talent, further stimulating the district’s development.

Furthermore, Changtai District has been working on creating a dynamic urban landscape. It aims to build vibrant business districts, cultural and sports centers, and a bustling “night economy” along the banks of the Longjin River. These efforts have brought about a new wave of population growth and economic activity in the central urban area. Likewise, rural revitalization projects have contributed to the district’s overall growth.

Changtai District’s “Long Love Talents·Looking forward to your coming” project has played a pivotal role in its high-quality development and population growth. By actively pursuing talent acquisition, improving service guarantees, and creating a favorable environment, Changtai has successfully positioned itself as an attractive destination for talented individuals. With its thriving economy and vibrant social scene, Changtai is well on its way to becoming a modern coastal city.

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