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Changzhou held the third quarter to promote the “532” development strategy key projects (work) supervision and economic operation analysis meeting

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Changzhou held the third quarter to promote the “532” development strategy key projects (work) supervision and economic operation analysis meeting

On September 20th and 21st, Changzhou City held a three-quarter promotion of the “532” development strategy key projects (work) inspection and economic operation analysis meeting, in-depth study and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s special seminars for leading cadres at the provincial and ministerial levels. In the spirit of the important speech, fully implement the major requirements of the CPC Central Committee that “the epidemic must be prevented, the economy must be stabilized, and development must be safe”, and in accordance with the work deployment of the provincial party committee, vigorously implement the “532” development strategy, and quickly set off the “decisive battle for a hundred days, decisive victory in the whole world“. Annual” boom, and resolutely shoulder the political responsibility of “bravely taking the lead”. Chen Jinhu, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech, Mayor Sheng Lei made work arrangements, Bai Yunping, Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, Dai Yuan, Chairman of the CPPCC Committee, Liang Yibo, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, and other leaders of the city’s four teams attended the meeting.

After listening carefully to the work reports of various sectors and relevant departments, Chen Jinhu pointed out that since the second half of the year, Changzhou’s economic operation has shown a development trend of continuous recovery, good growth, and enhanced stamina, maintaining that the main economic indicators outperform the province and lead Suzhou. South’s good momentum.
Chen Jinhu emphasized that there are still 100 days before the “submission of papers” at the end of the year. The whole city must adhere to the principle of stability, seek progress while maintaining stability, efficiently coordinate epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, coordinate development and safety, and strive for the annual goals and tasks to the best of their ability. Strive to achieve the best results and make greater contributions to Changzhou in stabilizing the overall economic market of the whole province.
Do everything possible to grow steadily. Make full use of the policy to ensure direct sharing and non-applying sharing, form a combination effect, release policy effectiveness, and support the “vigorous” economic market with the “green hills” of market players. It is necessary to expand effective investment, increase the strength of major projects, focus on key themes such as the development of the new energy industry and the construction of the “two lakes” innovation zone, and strengthen precise investment promotion, professional investment promotion, and business introduction. Increase the promotion of the annual key projects of the “532” development strategy, and form more physical and investment volumes as soon as possible. To boost consumer demand. Focus on new energy vehicles, smart home appliances and other fields, and do everything possible to stabilize bulk consumption. Boost various consumptions such as cultural tourism, accommodation and catering, leisure and entertainment, and launch the “Longcheng Yeweiyang” brand. It is necessary to stabilize foreign investment and foreign trade, and continue to carry out the three major actions of strengthening foreign trade base, escorting and innovating. To optimize the business environment. Fully implement the spirit of the province’s work promotion conference on optimizing the business environment, promote the construction of the “five environments” of policy, market, government affairs, rule of law, and humanities, continue to deepen the reform of “decentralization, management and service”, comprehensively promote the “one-stop service” of government services, and speed up City operation “one network unified management” construction.
To persevere and strengthen the industry. Accelerate the construction of a new energy capital, and continue to expand the advantageous industries such as new energy vehicles, power batteries, photovoltaics, etc. around the “transmission, storage and transportation” industrial chain, attract more core parts and components enterprises to gather, and consolidate the first-mover advantage and competition of the new energy industry. Advantage. It is necessary to speed up intelligent transformation and digital transformation, and promote the breakthrough of ten chains, the pilot of hundreds of enterprises, and the application of thousands of scenes. It is necessary to cultivate specialized and special new “little giants”, and create a group of specialized and special new “little giants” that focus on market segments, strong innovation capabilities, excellent quality and efficiency, and individual champions with high market share. It is necessary to accelerate the pace of listing of enterprises, go all out to help enterprises coordinate and solve problems in listing, and strive to complete the annual goals and tasks. It is necessary to strengthen the construction of the innovation carrier platform, speed up the launch of the intelligent manufacturing Longcheng laboratory, build the core area of ​​the China-Israel Park with high standards, and speed up the construction of the China-Israel Digital Valley, so as to make the brand of China-Israel cooperation “signature project” brighter.
Don’t let the energy level increase. Accelerate the formation of the “two lakes” innovation zone’s development of the “two lakes” with a trend of breaking the bamboo, like a rainbow, and comprehensively publicize and promote the “two lakes”, attracting more domestic and foreign businessmen to come to the “two lakes” and invest in the “two lakes”. It is necessary to formulate and improve special plans, vigorously build iconic projects, and accelerate the implementation of a number of leading and fundamental major projects. The core area should speed up the deployment of high-end resources such as community, education, and medical care, and create an all-round living environment suitable for living, working and traveling. It is necessary to accelerate the formation of work synergy, promote the concentration of the best policies, the best resources, and the strongest forces in the “two lakes”, and accelerate the formation of phased results and distinctive hot spots with a degree of concentration and display.
To keep working hard to maintain stability. With the sense of responsibility of “reassuring at all times”, carry out in-depth “four investigations and one assistance” activities, tighten the ideological clockwork, be strict and strict, practical and practical, meticulous and meticulous to prevent risks, ensure safety, and protect stability, and resolutely adhere to Consolidate the bottom line of social security and stability. We must strictly implement epidemic prevention and control. Comprehensively compact the “quartet” responsibilities, implement the “five early” measures, strictly implement measures such as temperature measurement and code verification, nucleic acid certification, etc. in key places, and fully implement the “on-the-ground inspection” for people who come from other places to return to normal, so as to better play the role of the city’s immune perception platform, Weave a tight prevention and control net. It is necessary to strictly implement the ninth edition of the prevention and control plan and the “nine no-forbidden requirements”, make greater efforts to prevent, detect early, and handle quickly, and resolutely guard the bottom line of preventing large-scale epidemics. It is necessary to go all out to do a good job in safety production, and promote the special production safety rectification “three-year stove”, safety production inspection and “hundred-day tackling” actions, and continuously improve the level of intrinsic safety. With the National Day holiday approaching, it is necessary to strengthen the safety inspections of scenic spots and amusement facilities, strengthen gas safety inspections in restaurants and other places, and strengthen traffic and road safety inspections. It is necessary to treat both the symptoms and the symptoms and optimize the ecological environment. Accelerate the rectification of problems reported by the central ecological and environmental protection inspectors, fight the tough battle of pollution prevention and control, carry out comprehensive management of air pollution in autumn and winter, and comprehensively promote the construction of the ecological axis project. We must hold tight to the bottom line of people’s livelihood. Do a solid job of stabilizing employment, prices, increasing income, education, health, housing, “one old and one young” and other work, and focus on solving the problem of people’s anxiety. Strengthen the household inspection and assistance for people with special difficulties, especially the elderly living alone, and strengthen the temporary assistance to the people in need. It is necessary to resolve social conflicts in a stable and orderly manner. We will further promote the “Year of Resolving Outstanding Issues in Letters and Visits”, make every effort to do a good job in public safety, and crack down on various illegal and criminal activities such as telecommunication fraud and pension fraud, so as to ensure the overall social stability. We must make every effort to prevent and resolve hidden risks in key areas, and eliminate hidden risks in the budding state and before they occur.
Sheng Lei pointed out that at present, it is necessary to place stable growth in a more prominent position, focus on the key points of tackling difficulties, strengths and weaknesses, and enhance advantages, make every effort to consolidate the positive trend of economic recovery, and anchor the annual goal to achieve the best results. It is necessary to promote major projects with greater strength. Pay close attention to project attraction, pay more attention to the integrity of the industrial chain, promote enterprises to put their core functions in Changzhou, and pay attention to scientific and technological investment promotion. Seize the current golden season of construction, speed up the construction of major provincial and municipal projects, and promote major infrastructure projects such as transportation, water conservancy, municipal administration, agriculture and rural areas as a whole. Strengthen project reserves and actively strive for the support of policy-based development financial instruments. It is necessary to optimize the industrial structure through more channels. Do a good job in the addition of new energy vehicles, hydrogen energy, energy storage, medical equipment, and biopharmaceutical industries to cultivate advantageous industries, do a good job in the multiplication of digital transformation, and do a good job in the subtraction of “hazardous pollution, scattered and low” clearing, and improve the industrial system. Comprehensive competitiveness and anti-risk ability. It is necessary to stimulate economic vitality with a better path. Strengthen the cultivation of national individual champion enterprises and “specialized, special and new” little giant enterprises, and enrich the resource pool of listed enterprises in the “Double Hundred Action Plan”. Conserve a good science and innovation ecology and improve the carrier energy level. Focus on the actual needs of enterprises and the public, and continuously optimize the business environment. It is necessary to expand effective demand with more concrete measures. It is necessary to stabilize foreign investment, carefully organize the “Cloud Connecting Five Continents” cloud investment promotion activities, and expand new channels for foreign capital utilization such as profit reinvestment and equity investment. It is necessary to stabilize foreign trade, fully support enterprises to grab orders online and offline, and accelerate the cultivation of new foreign trade formats and models such as cross-border e-commerce and overseas warehouses. To expand consumption, continue to create experiential, immersive and interactive consumption scenarios to improve consumption quality. We must maintain social stability with higher standards. The epidemic prevention and control must not be relaxed, and the established epidemic prevention measures must be strictly and meticulously implemented. Safety production must not be slack, pay attention to each link carefully, carry out special rectification in depth, and improve the closed-loop mechanism of rectification. Prevent and resolve various hidden risks and create a good environment for market entities to innovate and start businesses and the masses to live and work in peace and contentment.
Before the meeting, the participants also observed the construction of key projects in the “Two Lakes” Innovation Zone and watched the city’s high-quality development achievement list.
From January to August, the city’s general public budget revenue was the second in southern Jiangsu with the same-caliber growth rate. In August, it increased by 11.9%, a rise of 19.4 percentage points from July; tax accounted for the second in the province. The growth rate of industrial added value above the scale for 5 consecutive months ranked first in southern Jiangsu, the total industrial invoice sales revenue, the third in the province, the second in growth rate, the third in the province in terms of total industrial electricity consumption, and the first in southern Jiangsu in terms of growth rate. 1. The actual foreign capital received was 1.78 billion US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 21.9%, ranking fourth in the province; the total import and export volume increased by 11.2%, of which the total import and export volume in a single month in July exceeded 30 billion yuan for the first time.
From January to August, 16 major new projects in the city’s 20 provinces started construction. 93 major industrial projects in the city were newly added to the warehouse, including 4 projects exceeding 10 billion yuan or 1 billion US dollars, and 21 projects exceeding 1 billion yuan or 100 million US dollars.

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