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Channeling of 3 km of the Charte River in Maní advances

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Channeling of 3 km of the Charte River in Maní advances

The emergency was generated because the Charte left its channel, after progressive clogging, due to the obstruction of plant material and sediments caused by the La Consigna bridge.

The above has caused loss of the road, damage to crops and keeps the Matepiña educational facility at risk of collapse, where the educational service for about 90 children has been negatively impacted.

In search of a solution, through the Disaster Risk Management Directorate, it has been articulated with the Municipal Mayor’s Office, an oil industry company Emerald Energy, a palm company La Florida and with the community, an example of how the Disaster Risk Management System in the country, where everyone has responsibility and everyone contributes to the solution. This is how the actions are progressing in an attempt to remove all the sediment, so that it allows the normal flow of the river bank. Additionally, protection work must be carried out at the point where the tributary broke into the savanna.

Among the entities mentioned, there is a group of seven backhoes, building the canal of 3 linear km, up to 40 meters wide and 2.5 m deep. In 20 days of work, progress of more than 800 meters has been achieved.

“To speed up this work, we are managing three bulldozers that are needed to support the retros. On the other hand, the municipality is defining the measures that will be adopted regarding the structure of the bridge, which would possibly be dismantled, because the very characteristics of the structure are what have generated this entire emergency,” explained Guillermo Velandia. Granados, director of Risk Management at Casanare.

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Source: Casanare Governorate

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