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Chaos in the sky of Medellín: tourist helicopter hangs dangerously from the building

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Chaos in the sky of Medellín: tourist helicopter hangs dangerously from the building

A helicopter dedicated to tourist tours in Medellín was involved in a dramatic accident this Monday in the Manrique neighborhood, leaving four people suspended in the air and the community shocked.

The aircraft, identified as a Bell 206 helicopter with registration HK4810, which operates from the Hangar M45 Azotea restaurant, was attempting to take off from a hangar above the aforementioned establishment. However, according to videos circulating on social media, he barely managed to get off the building before experiencing difficulties and spinning at least five times in the air before colliding with an antenna, leaving him in a precarious suspension position.

The helicopter, which offers entertainment services with tourist flights at a price of $3,550,000, with capacity for one to five passengers, including a welcome cocktail and a 12- to 15-minute flyover, has been the subject of multiple complaints from the residents of the sector. Dozens of requests were submitted to the Mayor’s Office to investigate operating permits due to recurring noise problems during takeoffs and landings, despite the residential nature of the area.

Videos after the incident show numerous people trying to help the occupants of the aircraft, while the alleged pilot tries to leave the scene of the accident.

Aerocivil has unofficially announced that an exhaustive investigation will be carried out into the helicopter’s operating permits and the possible causes of the accident. Among the hypotheses being considered is the influence of the weather, evidenced by the adverse weather conditions present during the incident, including cloudiness and strong winds in the northeast of the city.

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This extraordinary event has left citizens questioning the safety and regulation of air operations in urban areas, raising questions about the responsibility of local authorities and the need to thoroughly review the protocols in force in the tourist flight industry in the city.


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