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Charges charged to alleged murderer of tourist

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Charges charged to alleged murderer of tourist

The Attorney General’s Office charged José David Uriana Solano, as allegedly responsible for the murder in the middle of a robbery against the athlete, Pedro Julio Reyes Arzuaga, in events recorded in the vicinity of the Alfonso López de Valledupar square, in August 2023.

According to the prosecuting body, this subject was charged with the crimes of aggravated homicide, aggravated robbery and aggravated manufacture, trafficking, carrying or possession of firearms, because the victim, who was chatting in a public establishment, and he would have been approached by the accused today, stripping him of two gold chains. In the middle of the robbery, Uriana Solano apparently wounded him with a firearm, causing his death.

In this same case, in recent days Iván René Castilla Álvarez and Guido Yecid Perea Villazón were captured, who were released, because the guarantee judge did not find evidence that incriminates them in the death of the victim.

It should be noted that Reyes Arzuaga had arrived from Montería, to participate the next day in the Cacique Upar Half Marathon athletic race.

Despite the arguments of the Prosecutor’s Office, Uriana Solano did not accept charges, and while the process progresses he will continue to be deprived of his liberty, which he already remained due to other crimes.

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