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‘Cheap’ shrimp in the supermarket, but sometimes they come with small print

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The ‘cheap’ gray shrimps at Carrefour come with small print. — © Chris Snick

Shrimp are scarce and therefore incredibly expensive, but how expensive are our supermarkets selling the gray delicacy? It turns out: the cheapest shrimp is already on the shelves from 39.95 euros per kilo.

Jeroen Deblaere and Chris Snick

Thursday, February 29, 2024 at 3:10 PM

If it rains in wholesale, does it also drip in the supermarkets? In recent days you have only heard about the shrimps: there are too few and they are super expensive: “Up to 100 euros in the supermarket.” Producers of shrimp croquettes are stopping and the rolls with shrimp lettuce also have to make way for a while. But how expensive are shrimp in the major supermarkets today?

The cheapest packages can be found from around 40 euros per kilogram. The peeled North Sea shrimps from Aldi cost you 41.45 euros per kilo, the Everydays from Colruyt and the cheapest shrimps from Albert Heijn cost 39.95 euros per kilo. The Simpl from Carrefour is currently priced at 43.95 euros. Although you will soon see in the small print why the price is so low: ‘defrosted, do not refreeze’. Fresh shrimp are not.

If you go for fresh, the price will rise, but 100 euros per kilo still seems far away. Colruyt also has a package for 69.84 euros per kilo. Carrefour also sells fresh shrimp for 69.9 euros.

At Delhaize there are fresh shrimps on the shelves from 59.90 euros. “We are making an extra effort,” says spokesperson Roel Dekelver. “Our purchasing price has become 60 percent more expensive, but we try to keep the sales price under control. That is why we are cutting our own margin significantly. We are also removing the 200 gram packaging from our range to give more people the opportunity to buy shrimp and we have also decided not to do any more promotions on shrimp until August.” So you will only find containers of 100 grams in Delhaize.

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59.90 euros for a kilo of shrimp at Delhaize. — © Chris Snick.

So far we have not found any empty shelves with shrimps. “However, the situation is serious,” says Dekelver. “We can now only offer half the volume we used to have. That is sufficient for the time being, because it is not yet really shrimp season on our plates, but it may become more difficult towards April and summer.”

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