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Chen Duxiu’s son is hot search for the first details and then explodes the truth (Photos) | Chen Duxiu | Chen Qiao Nian | Hot Search | Mainland Current Affairs

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On the 14th, about “Chen Duxiuthe son ofChen QiaonianThe news that the resume is first published” goes viralHot searchHowever, the controversial early leader Chen Duxiu “disappeared” in the official mouth. (Image source: video screenshot)

[Look at China June 16, 2021](Look at a comprehensive report by Chinese reporter Li Xiaokui) The CCP’s founding party is about to be established a century ago, and its founders and early leaders have become the targets of official Beijing propaganda. On the 14th, about “Chen Duxiuthe son ofChen QiaonianThe news that the resume is first published” goes viralHot searchHowever, Chen Duxiu, the controversial early leader, “disappeared” from the official mouth, arousing attention from the outside world.

The resume of Chen Duxiu’s son is publicly searched first

After the CCP’s official media World Wide Web first published the resume of Chen Duxiu’s son Chen Qiaonian on the 14th, it quickly became popular on the mainland Internet. The Beijing Daily WeChat public account also posted on the 14th that the topic of “Chen Qiaonian’s son Chen Qiaonian’s resume was made public for the first time.” Ranked first in the hot search on Weibo.

According to the pictures posted online, Chen Qiaonian’s resume wrote in the family column, “Father: Unique; Profession: He used to be a professor but now specializes in revolution”, “Brother: Yannian; Profession: Revolution”. For “Have you ever been to a foreign country?” Chen Qiaonian replied “Germany, passing by.” Regarding “family economic status”, Chen Qiaonian replied: “bureaucrat and landlord.” The description of “foreign language proficiency” is very simple.

Chen Duxiu
(Image source: Internet image)

Regarding the handwriting and content of Chen Qiaonian’s resume, some netizens said that young people with distinctive personalities seem to be on paper when they see the words. However, some people regretted his untimely death.

Chen Duxiu
Chen Duxiu
Chen Duxiu
Chen Duxiu
(Image source: network screenshot)

He joined the CCP and died at the age of 23

Chen Qiaonian was born in Huaining, Anhui in September 1902. His father is Chen Duxiu, the leader of China’s “New Culture Movement”. His brothers and sisters include Chen Yannian, Chen Wanruo, and Chen Songnian. During his childhood and youth, Chen Qiaonian and his brother Chen Yannian spent time together. From 1914 to 1919, the two went to Beijing and Shanghai to study.

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When they were studying in Shanghai, they lived a life of “boasting cakes when eating, running water when drinking, still dressed in winter, but not covered in summer, working with workers”.

At the end of 1919, Chen Qiaonian and his brother went to France for a work-study program, and joined the Chinese Communist Party in 1922. Chen Qiao was 20 years old at the time.

In the spring of 1925, 23-year-old Chen Qiaonian returned to work under the instructions of the CPC Central Committee. Later, he held important positions in the Beijing District Committee, assisting Li Dazhao in leading the Northern Revolutionary Movement and working with Zhao Shiyan and others. At that time, Chen Qiaonian was recognized as a handsome young man with a tall stature and extraordinary equipment. He was also known as the “most beautiful person” among the revolutionaries.

On June 6, 1928, Chen Qiaonian was shot and killed by the Fenglin Bridge in Shanghai. He was only 26 years old.

Today, Chen Qiaonian’s resume is on display at the Chinese Academy of History, which can’t help but arouse public attention and further explore the experience of Chen Duxiu’s family.

Consequences of the “New Culture Movement”

In 1921, Chen Duxiu initiated the establishment of the Chinese Communist Party and became one of the main founders. From the First to the Fifth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, he successively served as secretary of the Central Bureau and other positions.

However, despite Chen Duxiu’s “great contributions” to the establishment and development of the CCP, he was eventually taken by the Communist International for standing on the side of the Soviet Trotskyists who believed that “the CCP can only request a National Assembly to solve the country’s most important problems.” In August 1927, he was relieved of the post of general secretary.

In June 1928, the Sixth National Congress of the Communist Party of China was held in Moscow, and Chen Duxiu refused to attend. In the “Dongdong Road Incident” in 1929, Chen Duxiu was even more opposed to the CCP’s practice of “defending the Soviet Union” in disregard of national interests. In November of the same year, Chen Duxiu was expelled from the CCP.

After that, Chen Duxiu organized the Chinese “Trotskyists”, published magazines, and published Trotsky’s articles, opposing the policies of the CCP and the Kuomintang.

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Chen Duxiu embarked on the anti-communist road

In October 1932, Chen Duxiu was arrested by the Kuomintang. During his five years in prison, he read a lot of books and began to reflect. After being released from prison in 1937, he gave up Marxist thinking and believed that only democratic politics could save China.

In the book “Chen Duxiu’s Final Opinions in His Later Years (Thesis and Letters)”, Chen Duxiu clearly stated his views. He believes that only popular political power can achieve popular democracy. If popular democracy cannot be achieved, the so-called “proletarian dictatorship” will inevitably become Stalin-style minority dictatorship; replacing bourgeois democracy with mass democracy is progressive, and replacing democracy in Britain, France, and the United States with the dictatorship of Germany and Russia is retrogressive; proletarian democracy should be the same as bourgeois democracy, with assemblies Freedom of association, speech, and publication; the content of democracy certainly includes the parliamentary system, and the parliamentary system is not the entire content of democracy. By excluding the parliamentary system, it also excludes democracy. This is the biggest cause of Soviet Russia’s degeneration.

As for the Anglo-American democratic system, Chen Duxiu believes that it is fundamentally different from the Russian-German-Italian-fascist system. He advocates the joint resistance of all parties and believes: “If Germany and Russia win this time, mankind will be even darker for at least half a century. If the victory belongs to Britain, France and the United States have maintained bourgeois democracy, and only then will there be a path towards popular democracy.”

Despite the poor life in his later years, Chen Duxiujian refused gifts from the Chinese and Communist parties and died of illness in Jiangjin, Sichuan, where he lived in seclusion for a long time.

The little daughter risked her death to escape from the mainland

In addition, Chen Duxiu had six children. The eldest son Chen Yannian and the second son Chen Qiaonian were hacked to death and the other was shot after joining the CCP with his father. The third son Chen Songnian Wannian also encountered a lot of difficulties due to his father’s special identity. Although Chen Henian, the fourth son, joined the CCP in his early years, he went to Hong Kong to leave the CCP. He once worked in the “Sing Tao Daily” and died in 2000.

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The eldest daughter, Chen Yuying, died shortly after going to Shanghai twice to collect her body. She was only 28 years old. Chen Duxiu’s youngest daughter, Chen Zimei, left Shanghai with her mother to live in a dilapidated thatched cottage in Nanjing with her younger brother Chen Henian after her mother Gao Junman broke up with her father.

After that, Chen Zimei and Zhang Guoxiang married and had three children. But the good times were not very frequent. During the Anti-Japanese War, Chen Zimei’s relationship with her husband was completely broken. After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, the two officially divorced. Chen Zimei was forced to abandon her own children and leave alone.

Chen Zimei met and married Li Huanzhao after returning to Shanghai, and gave birth to two sons. In 1956, Li Huanzhao and Chen Zimei’s family moved from Shanghai to Guangzhou.

After the “Cultural Revolution” broke out, Chen Zimei was labelled as a “ghost, a ghost, a snake god” and “a filial son and grandson of China’s largest right-leaning opportunist”, and was imprisoned in a bullpen, criticized and paraded in the streets, and suffered various tortures. At this time, Chen Zimei was nearly 60 years old. She was unbearably humiliated one night in the 1970s, risking her death and smuggling into Hong Kong, and then arriving in the United States.

There have been media reports that before Chen Zimei’s death, he heard that the Chinese Communist government had allocated a huge amount of money to repair Chen Duxiu’s tomb. She just smiled faintly when she heard it, and said, “It’s time to spend the people’s money, maybe it will be smashed again at some point!” The words hit the CCP’s vitals.

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