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Chen Wei emphasized during his investigation in Haining City: Persist in leading high-quality development driven by innovation

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Chen Wei emphasized during his investigation in Haining City: Persist in leading high-quality development driven by innovation

Release date: 2023-02-08 08:05

Source of information: Jiaxing Daily


Yesterday, Chen Wei, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, spent a day in-depth research on Haining’s industrial parks, manufacturing enterprises, and beautiful villages, and promoted the “big visits, big research, big services, and big problem-solving” activities. He emphasized that it is necessary to fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, persist in leading high-quality development driven by innovation, continue to gather a strong force of efficient collaboration, focus on implementation, and overcome difficulties, and be a model in promoting common prosperity and modernization. Lead by example and show greater achievements. Vice Mayor Ni Huping participated in the investigation.

In Haining, warp knitting is not only a traditional industry, but also an innovative industry. Chen Wei and his entourage came to the Haining Warp Knitting Industrial Park located in Maqiao Street to inspect the warp knitting industry innovation service complex, understand the overall development of the park, and walked into the production workshop of Zhejiang Chaoda New Materials Co., Ltd. to inspect the technical process and Construction of digital “smart factory”. Chen Wei fully affirmed Haining Warp Knitting’s exploration and practice of focusing on transformation and upgrading, and hoped that the park and enterprises should always keep an eye on the main business, promote all-round innovation in concepts, technologies, management, products, services, etc., and strive towards high-end, intelligent, The direction of greening continues to advance, and the continuity and competitiveness of industrial development continue to be enhanced.

Located in Huangwan Town, JinkoSolar (Haining) Co., Ltd., Martian Kitchenware Co., Ltd. and Wankai New Materials Co., Ltd. have gradually grown into The “leader” in the industry. Chen Wei successively inspected the exhibition halls and production workshops of the three companies to learn more about the company’s production and operation, capital increase and production expansion. He encouraged enterprises to strengthen their confidence, seize opportunities, take advantage of the situation, make good industrial layout “first-hand moves” and “initiative battles” for project construction, and make greater efforts in design and R&D breakthroughs and the introduction of high-end talents to take advantage of innovation Gain a development advantage.

The research and development team of Zhejiang Rouzhen Technology Co., Ltd. from universities quickly completed the transformation and implementation of scientific research achievements of high-safety lithium-ion polymers. Zhejiang Qunda Feed Technology Co., Ltd. adopts a modern agricultural management model and has a standardized, digital and ecological smart digital pasture. After visiting the exhibition halls and workshops of the two companies, Chen Wei said that practice has proved that the development of modern industries must firmly grasp the key point of “scientific and technological innovation”. It is hoped that enterprises will continue to promote the deep integration of industry, education and research, and constantly optimize the management system, operation mechanism, and incentive mechanism to lay a solid foundation for sustainable development.

Chen Wei and his entourage also visited Changxiao Village of Yuanhua Town and Mustard Culture Memory Museum of Zhongle Village of Xieqiao Town. Relying on the advantages of the photovoltaic mushroom industry, Changxiao Village is making every effort to create a future village that is suitable for living, working and traveling. The mustard cultural memory hall vividly reproduces the glorious history and long intangible cultural heritage of Xieqiao mustard through rich pictures, texts and objects. Chen Wei said that to promote rural revitalization in an all-round way, it is necessary to speed up the construction of a modern industrial system to achieve industrial prosperity, enrich the people and increase income; it is also necessary to strengthen the protection and inheritance of traditional culture and local culture, so as to truly retain memories and nostalgia.

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