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Chen Wei Supervises Safe Escort for Asian Games and Ensures Festival Safety and Market Supply in Jiashan

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Chen Wei, the Municipal Party Committee Secretary, recently visited Jiashan County to oversee the safe escort of the Asian Games, as well as holiday safety production and market supply guarantee work. With the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays, he emphasized the importance of ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the people during these festivities.

During his visit, Chen Wei received visits from various groups and listened to their concerns. One of the issues raised was the power supply problem of self-built farmhouses in Linhe New Village, Yaozhuang Town. Chen Wei discussed potential solutions with relevant local departments, and they are currently working to accelerate the progress of the project to ensure a timely power supply. Additionally, the expansion of the rural family banquet center in Yaozhuang Town was also addressed. Local authorities have taken note of the need for more family banquet centers and have made efforts to increase their availability.

Chen Wei stressed the importance of responding to the people’s needs and putting them first. He urged for detailed and practical petition work to solve the “urgent, difficult, and anxious” problems faced by the masses. This approach is also seen as a way to test the effectiveness of the ongoing theme education.

Regarding the Asian Games, Chen Wei visited the Jiashan Zhengyu Public Security Inspection Station where armed police, civilian police, and auxiliary police will be stationed during the “Double Festival” to ensure the smooth and orderly passage of vehicles. Chen Wei expressed his gratitude to the staff and encouraged them to continue their hard work. He emphasized the importance of precision and safety in ensuring the orderly flow of commuter vehicles.

Market supply was another area of concern during Chen Wei’s visit. He visited the Jiashan Mall, a specialty market primarily selling non-staple food items, and engaged in conversations with business owners. While discussing the supply of goods and consumer demand, Chen Wei emphasized the need for food safety and market fire safety. He called on relevant departments to strengthen inspection and guidance, while business operators themselves should improve their safety awareness and comply with safety regulations.

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Lastly, Chen Wei visited Jiashan County Dacheng Gas Co., Ltd. to supervise the safety of bottled gas. He inspected the company’s safety supervision system and stressed the importance of prioritizing safety. He urged employees to tighten safety measures and ensure the safe storage and distribution of gas.

Chen Wei’s visit to Jiashan County highlighted the government’s commitment to people-centered development and the importance of ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the public during the upcoming holidays. The efforts to safely escort the Asian Games, ensure holiday production safety, and guarantee market supply demonstrate the government’s dedication to providing a safe and peaceful environment for the people to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day.

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