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Chieti, a 72-year-old man killed with ten gunshots while going to mass. Stopped a neighbor

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Murder this morning in Lanciano, in the province of Chieti. A 72 year old man, Francesco De Florio De Grandis, was killed about a hundred meters from home with about ten gunshots. The man was on foot and as usual he had gone out to go downtown. The crime took place in via Cipollone, in the Santa Rita district. On the spot, Police, Carabinieri, Traffic Police and 118 ambulances. Investigations are underway.

A kind man, a ‘piece of bread’ as the neighbors describe the victim, a painter, Ciccillo for friends. Due to his passion for painting he was known in the city as ‘the painter of the night’. The man lived with his family in an apartment in via Cipollone, far from the historic center. He leaves his wife Licia and 3 children: Carmine, Franco and Roberto. Carmine, the eldest, told local media that his father left the house today, walking after 8, to go downtown. He traveled a hundred meters and was hit by about ten gunshots. The reasons for the murder remain unknown at the moment, investigate the Carabinieri of Lanciano who stopped a neighbor of the victim, who had been listened to in these hours. The arrested, immediately after the assassination, would have been found still with the murder weapon. Once he repaired televisions, it seems that he suffers from persecution delusions and that he is convinced that the victim, as well as others in the neighborhood, spoke badly of him.

This morning my mother called me shouting: “They shot, they shot! I didn’t understand what had happened but I ran to my parents’ house. There, on the street my father was dead. My mother was screaming, in pain, from the window. They killed him by shooting at him about ten shots, until he fell to the ground, on the asphalt. My father was a quiet man, retired, former house painter, with a hobby of painting and papier-mâché. He did not have unfinished business with no one. Probably the shooter did it at random, anyone could have happened to us “. So he told beraking latest news Carmine, one of the painter’s sons.

The pensioner, like every Sunday, was going to mass when he was killed. It was the tenants of the buildings that overlook the street who gave the alarm and reported to the carabinieri that they had seen a man following the armed victim and who shot at him until he hit him and saw him collapse to the ground. Numerous shells were found on the spot, which was also attended by the prosecutor Serena Rossi, of the Lanciano Public Prosecutor’s Office.

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