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Child shot dead in Syracuse: life imprisonment for mother and stepfather

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Child shot dead in Syracuse: life imprisonment for mother and stepfather

The judges of the Syracuse Court of Assizes have issued a life sentence for Letizia Spatola, 24, and Salvatore Blanco, 32, respectively mother and stepfather of Evan, Rosolini’s one and a half year old child, in Syracuse, who was killed on August 17, 2020 following beatings.

Modica, a Syracusan child who died: bruises on his body, his mother’s companion stopped


The woman listened to the reading of the sentence in the courtroom of Syracuse, while her partner did so from a room in the Vibo Valentia prison where he is being held.

Evan’s murder, tragedy announced: the father had reported the two cohabitants


The Syracuse prosecutor, at the end of the indictment, had solicited for both life imprisonment for murder and 5 years and 6 months each for ill-treatment, but the Court decided to merge the two counts of indictment for which the sentence is for murder in concurrence with mistreatment. In addition, the perpetual ban from public office has been ordered for the two accused.

Evan’s grandmother’s complaint: social services under fire


In the courtroom, there were the relatives of Evan’s father, Elisa Congiu, the victim’s grandmother, and the uncles, Michael Lo Piccolo and Jessica Lo Piccolo, assisted by lawyers, Aurora Cataudella and Nino Savarino while Evan’s father was absent, who lives in Genoa. “The grandmother – said the lawyer Cataudella – has always been certain of the responsibilities of the former daughter-in-law”.

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Evan, recordings of beatings and violence heard only after the child’s death


For the magistrates of Syracuse, Evan died due to the injuries inflicted by the man in their home, in Rosolini, under the eyes of his mother. Violence that would have taken place before the tragedy. In the conclusions of the autopsy, it is indicated that the “severe cardio-respiratory insufficiency from aspiration bronchopneumonia”, for which Evan died, would be attributable to the injuries suffered by the minor.

The death of little Evan in Rosolini, the results of the autopsy: “pneumonia caused by beatings”

by Marco Lignana, Giorgio Ruta

In support of the reconstruction of the investigators, there are the environmental interceptions thanks to the bugs placed by the carabinieri in the house where the drama took place. Those conversations ended in the process, together with the images relating to the arrival of the victim at the emergency room of the Modica hospital in which bruises were found on the child’s body.

Syracuse, the psychiatric examination for little Evan’s stepfather ordered

The child, according to the prosecutor’s thesis, would have been beaten for some time by his mother’s companion. For the child’s paternal relatives, Letizia Spatola would have done everything to keep the violence hidden. The pediatrician would have known only of one of the two injuries, to the collarbone and the femur, suffered by Evan before the crime.

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