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Childhood Guarantor to institutions: “Let minors participate in decisions”

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Fico: “Involve them more and more in the choices that affect them”

“An essential feature of any democratic system is to ensure that minors can express their opinion and that adults listen to them, in appropriate ways: in the family, at school, in the communities that host them, in courts and penal institutions and in general in relations with institutions », said the President of the Chamber Roberto Fico. “In administrative and judicial proceedings concerning minors, for example, national legislation has progressively guaranteed, as the Guarantor Authority promptly points out, information and listening to minors”, recalled Fico, underlining that “it is necessary to identify modalities congruous to involve children and young people more and more also in the formation of political and administrative decisions that concern them ».

Ronzulli: “Society is open to the participation of the little ones”

«The European Union has responded to the pandemic crisis with the Next Generation EU which in Italy is applied with the PNRR, an impressive reform package that includes major investments also in favor of children and young generations. I am thinking in particular of investments to strengthen the offer of 0-6 year old services, especially nursery schools. These services are very lacking in some areas of our country and in any case in general well below European standards », observed Licia Ronzulli, president of the parliamentary commission for childhood and adolescence. «In my opinion, in every mission of the Plan it would be necessary to provide for some specific form of participation even for the youngest. When questioned, boys and girls express a different point of view on what the reality that surrounds them should be and, as adults, we have a responsibility and a duty to listen to them. The right to be heard must extend to all actions and decisions that affect the lives of children “.

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Save the Children: childhood on the brink

Conflicts, poverty, hunger and the climate crisis are pushing millions of girls and boys to the brink. Worldwide, more than 400 million girls and boys live in conflict areas, between 10 and 16 million minors risk being unable to return to school because they are forced to work or marry, while every year more than 22,000 girls and boys die during pregnancies and births that are the result of early marriages. There are about 5.7 million children under five on the verge of hunger, more than 1 billion children live in areas at high risk of climate threats and an estimated 710 million children live in the 45 countries at highest risk of suffer the impact of the climate crisis. Just some of the alarming data released by Save the Children, on the eve of the World Day of the Rights of the Child, which is celebrated on November 20.

Children’s access to education is also at risk

Precisely on November 20, 1989, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child was signed and over 30 years after its adoption, once again, the data underline the importance of pursuing the commitments made and increasing the efforts made so far to ensure the protection and respect for the rights of children around the world, at a time when they are particularly at risk. In fact, the pandemic, the climate crisis, the shortage of vaccines against Covid-19, displacement and conflicts continue to endanger the life, health, access to education and the rights of millions of girls, boys and girls and children around the world. In addition to increasing poverty and inequalities within countries and communities, these factors are exacerbating inequalities globally.

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