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Chilean airline Jetsmart withdraws from buying UltraAir

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Chilean airline Jetsmart withdraws from buying UltraAir

After the signing of the letter of understanding on March 16, which was subject to several conditions, JetSMART began the analysis stage of this type of negotiation. And it has decided to cancel the letter of understanding, terminate the process and give up its intention to purchase Ultra Air.

According to the President and CEO of JetSMART, Estuardo Ortiz: “We have made progress in the process and consider that, due to various factors, it is not possible to continue with the intention to purchase Ultra Air and we have canceled the letter of understanding and terminated the process”

By closing this chapter, the President of JetSMART added: “Our commitment and confidence in the Colombian market remains firm. As we have affirmed throughout this time, at JetSMART we will continue to focus on meeting the requirements of our certification process, working closely with Civil Aeronautics, who have performed with the highest level of professionalism. In this way, we hope to obtain our Air Operator permit in Colombia, with a view to starting the operation as soon as possible and thus being able to participate in the slot reassignment process at El Dorado airport.”

And he added: “In this way we will be able to contribute and add to the development, tourism and employment of the country within the new context of the Colombian commercial air market, strengthening competition, as we have done since 2017 in Chile, Argentina and Peru, which It has allowed us to transport more than 18 million passengers. We believe that the offer of the JetSMART model with direct routes between secondary cities, affordable prices and a fleet of new aircraft will have a very positive impact for all Colombians and the country’s connectivity.”

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