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Chilling mass assault on hikers on Pan de Azúcar hill in Medellín

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Chilling mass assault on hikers on Pan de Azúcar hill in Medellín

A group of people who were preparing to climb Cerro Pan de Azúcar in Medellín suffered a violent robbery. The hikers were approached by four armed men who, regardless of the fact that there were boys and girls under the age of twelve present, intimidated them and took their belongings.

The event occurred in a well-known area known as Jardín Circunvalar, where walkers were coming up from UVA Sol de Oriente. Once they got to the top, a group of men armed with knives Cell phones, cameras, wallets, and other valuables were taken from them.

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The guides who were with the hikers were not spared from the massive robbery either., because in total they would have robbed around fifteen people. The four robbers fled through the wooded area.

The event occurred on the morning of this Saturday, May 6. The group was made up of the journalist Mateo Isaza, four men, five women and five children. One of the assailants put a knife in the neck of one of the girls and demanded that the others hand over all their belongings so as not to threaten the life of the minor.

Journalist recounted massive robbery in Cerro Pan de Azúcar

Total, They took four cell phones and two cameras. One of the victims of the robbery was Mateo Isaza Giraldo, a former journalist for El Colombiano and co-founder of El Armadillo, who narrated what happened on his Twitter account:

“We had been at the top for ten minutes, enjoying the scenery, and four men armed with huge knives threatened us and robbed us.. We had to give them cell phones and cameras. They didn’t even respect the two girls who were with us. We were a big group, about 15”, he recounted.

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Isaza rejected the lack of public force in these areas: “We were going with a couple of friends from La Sierra who knew the road and the area, but it was useless. ANDThere were four thieves and perhaps two more bell ringers. In the four hours of walking and robbery, we never saw a police agent or a CAI. And the carabinieri?

They denounce lack of public force in Cerro Pan de Azúcar in Medellín

He regrets that the hill has become a dock in Medellín: “We are talking about the fact that the Pan de Azúcar hill in Medellín is part of the Circunvalar Garden, a green lung that is on the loose for a bandit to rob the walkers. Just because, Everyone we told from there on down said that robberies are constant ”.

“Vendors, other walkers and even a guard who was near the UVA Sol de Oriente says that every week there are several reports of robberies and that it seems that it is the same band. It is better not to go up there,” added the journalist Isaza.

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“Fortunately we are fine and no one was hurt, but that level of violence hurts a lot and that there are beautiful spaces in Medellín like that to which my recommendation from now on is: very nice, but what a robbery they hit us. I know that it is complex to pretend that such a large area has police everywhere, but It doesn’t hurt to keep an eye on the authorities in the Sugar Loaf“, the communicator pointed out.

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It is worth telling that Cerro Pan de Azúcar, located to the east in Comuna 8 of Medellín (Villa Hermosa), is one of the busiest in Medellín due to its beautiful panoramic view. In addition to being a barrier to urban growth, it is part of the Circular Garden project, which includes seven eco-parks (Golondrinas, Trece de Noviembre, La Cima, Las Tinajas, La Castro, Villa Turbay, Campo Santo), eight organic gardens and areas where archaeological finds have been made.

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