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China Eastern Airlines Receives Second Domestically-Made C919 Passenger Aircraft, Speeding Up Commercial Operations

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China Eastern Airlines Receives Second Domestically-Made C919 Aircraft

Shanghai, July 16th – China Eastern Airlines officially welcomed its second domestically-made C919 large passenger aircraft on July 16th in Shanghai. The plane was transferred from Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, marking its official inclusion in the fleet of China Eastern Airlines. The arrival of this new C919 aircraft signifies the acceleration of China Eastern Airlines’ commercial operation of the C919 large passenger aircraft.

The second C919 large passenger aircraft acquired by China Eastern Airlines is part of the first batch of five C919 passenger aircraft purchased by the airline. The cabin layout of the second aircraft remains consistent with that of the first one. On July 14th, the East China Regional Administration of Civil Aviation issued the nationality registration certificate, airworthiness certificate, and radio station license to China Eastern Airlines for the second C919 aircraft. This confirms that the aircraft is qualified for commercial operation and meets the airworthiness requirements of civil aviation regulations.

China Eastern Airlines plans to utilize the second C919 in partnership with the first aircraft. It will initially be deployed on the “Shanghai Hongqiao-Chengdu Tianfu” air express route, and more routes will be gradually added in the future.

China Eastern Airlines made history as the world‘s first operator of the domestically-produced C919 large passenger aircraft when it received the world‘s first delivery on December 9, 2022. On May 28, 2023, the airline successfully completed the round-trip flight of the C919’s first commercial flight. As of July 12th, the first C919 aircraft had already conducted a total of 87 commercial flights, with an average passenger load factor of nearly 80%. It has served a total of 11,095 passengers and accumulated more than 250 hours of commercial operation.

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China Eastern Airlines’ investment in the C919 further demonstrates the airline’s commitment to expanding its fleet and providing cutting-edge services to passengers. The C919 aircraft, developed by the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC), represents a significant milestone in China’s aviation industry.

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