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China Publishers Association 2023 Collection Book Trading Conference in Jiangsu achieves 101.5 million yuan in sales

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Jiangsu Book Fair Closes with Sales of 101.5 Million Yuan at China Publishers Association 2023 Collection Books Trading Conference

Suzhou, China – The 13th Jiangsu Book Fair, held in conjunction with the 2023 Collection Book Trading Conference organized by the China Printing Association, concluded on July 3rd. The event achieved book sales totaling 101.5 million yuan ($15.7 million).

This year’s National Collection Books Trading Conference, hosted by the China Printing Association, was a collaborative effort between the Jiangsu Provincial Press and Publication Bureau, the Propaganda Department of Suzhou Municipal Party Committee, China Publishers Association, Jiangsu Phoenix Media Group, and Jiangsu Xinhua Bookstore Group. It featured 530 publishing suppliers from across the country, presenting nearly 160,000 books published since 2022 from various publishing houses. The books covered a wide range of topics, including social sciences, literature, science and technology, art, life, education, and children’s books. Among the highlights were Chinese books, Soviet version books, and Phoenix books.

One of the focal points of the Trade Conference was the special “Exhibition Area for Studying and Implementing Xi Jinping’s Socialist Ideology with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era,” which provided a platform to showcase party publications and resources related to the theme. Approximately 2,000 public libraries, university libraries, and primary and secondary school libraries visited the area. Many expressed their satisfaction with the conference, praising its diverse book selection, informative resources, and excellent services.

The 2023 National Library Literature Resources Construction Seminar and the 2023 Digital Reading Experience Exchange Meeting were also held during the conference. Experts and scholars from libraries, publishing houses, library distributors, and technology companies across the country gathered to discuss and exchange ideas, contributing to the high-quality construction of national library resources.

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The Jiangsu Book Fair has been dedicated to providing high-quality library distribution services. In recent years, the fair has organized various group-buying initiatives, such as book purchases for libraries, updating and purchasing publications for rural bookstores, and the “You choose books, we Pay the bill” campaign, yielding positive results. The simultaneous occurrence of the China Publishers Association Collection Book Trading Conference and the Jiangsu Book Fair fostered resource sharing and complementary advantages while providing a new model for library collection services to reach society, approach readers, and expand influence.

The success of the 2023 Collection Book Trading Conference and Jiangsu Book Fair highlights the thriving publishing industry in Jiangsu and sets a precedent for future collaborations between book fairs and trade conferences. The organizers and participants expressed their commitment to continuing to provide high-quality books and services to readers across the country.

For more information about the event, please visit the official website of the China Publishers Association.


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China Publishers Association is a professional organization representing the interests of publishing houses in China. It aims to promote the development of the publishing industry, safeguard the legal rights and interests of publishers, and enhance international exchange and cooperation in the publishing sector.

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