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China’s entry-exit declaration nucleic acid testing policy changes day and night | General Administration of Customs of the Communist Party of China |

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China’s entry-exit declaration nucleic acid testing policy changes day and night | General Administration of Customs of the Communist Party of China |

[The Epoch Times, August 26, 2022](The Epoch Times reporters Lin Cenxin and Yi Ru interviewed and reported) The CCP’s nucleic acid testing requirements for international inbound passengers have changed again. The day before, the declaration requirements for nucleic acid testing information were cancelled. Today, it is clarified that the control has not been relaxed, and the requirements for incoming passengers have not changed significantly.

Cancellation of entry and exit nucleic acid declaration customs: Negative certificate is still required for boarding

China’s General Administration of Customs said today (26th) that China still requires international passengers to undergo a COVID-19 nucleic acid test before flight departure and be quarantined upon arrival.

A day before this, the General Administration of Customs announced on August 25 that some declaration requirements for customs clearance passengers were cancelled.

Wechat “Customs Release” news on the 25th, the General Administration of Customs will launch the ninth edition of the “Entry-Exit Health Declaration Card” at 0:00 on August 31, canceling the nucleic acid test (PCR) information for entry-exit personnel, previous infections, Declaration requirements for vaccination dates.

“Daily Economic News” released the news under the title “The latest release of the General Administration of Customs! Important changes in the declaration of nucleic acid testing information for entry and exit personnel”.

The General Administration of Customs clarified today that the revision of the “Health Declaration Card” is not to relax the prevention and control requirements, but to improve the efficiency of declaration. According to the provisions of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council of the Communist Party of China, passengers must provide a negative nucleic acid test certificate before entering the country in accordance with the requirements of the foreign affairs department. They must undergo customs quarantine when entering the country. There have been no major changes to the requirements.”

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According to the current official regulations of the mainland, passengers must undergo two PCR nucleic acid tests within 48 hours before the flight takes off before entering or leaving the country. And report testing and other COVID-related information to the Chinese embassy to get a digital health code for boarding.

Analysis of Immigration Policy Changes: The Image Project Before the 20th National Congress

Wang He, a current affairs commentator based in the United States, told The Epoch Times on August 26 that the devil is always in the details. The CCP said on the surface that it was canceled. question mark.

On the 25th, the General Administration of Customs announced the cancellation of some declaration requirements, saying that it was to optimize the declaration efficiency, but in fact, the requirements for nucleic acid testing of inbound personnel have not changed significantly.

Wang He said that the CCP’s approach to epidemic prevention is very different from that of the international community. After more than two years of lockdown, it has created difficulties in China and international exchanges, and has had a negative impact on the economy, diplomacy and politics. Today, customs The General Administration released the cancellation of some declarations, “Maybe it intends to change its image on the eve of the 20th National Congress to show its prevention and control performance.”

However, the CCP has always been different between foreign affairs and domestic affairs. Wang He said that it also takes into account some issues of international image and international integration, but for domestic purposes, it continues to carry out strict dynamic clearing, forcing people to do nucleic acid testing, and even participating in the Chinese women’s volleyball team. Wearing a mask at the same time, “there is no question of inhumanity and inhumanity, and it has become a rigid political task.”

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In a statement on the 26th, the General Administration of Customs of the Communist Party of China emphasized that it has not loosened control, and said it adhered to the general policy of “foreign defense against imports, internal defense against rebound” and “dynamic clearing”.

Wang He said that in the past period of time, the CCP authorities used this sentence to throw the blame abroad, referring to the domestic epidemic situation in China, which was imported from abroad. After more than two years, what is the effect? ​​It has caused a lot of side effects, including Xi Jinping’s not going abroad for more than two years. This is a very ridiculous thing.”

Under the Zero Policy, China’s Social Contradictions Are Serious

Lai Jianping, a master of international law from China University of Political Science and Law, told The Epoch Times on the 26th that the CCP’s efforts to clear the dynamics have made life difficult for the people, all walks of life are in depression, the bottom society is mourning, and the stock market has fallen miserably. Even Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei said that Huawei’s future three The goal of the year is to survive. In this case, if it loosens its epidemic prevention and control policies, “it can only be said that the economic situation is forcing them, and there is no way.”

This time, it was reported that the entry and exit of the PCR declaration was cancelled, but there were complaints in the country. Lai Jianping said that it was because the local governments at present, in order to protect their own black gauze caps, prefer the left to the right, and the nucleic acid of all staff from the high temperature of 40 degrees in Chongqing has caused many people. He fainted on the spot, positive cases appeared in Shenzhen Kexing Science Park, and suddenly the health codes of tens of thousands of people turned yellow.

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“Until there is no clear document or policy announcement from the highest level, they will do nucleic acid testing according to the old old method and old way of thinking. Even if there are complaints and public grievances, he will not relax. Great contradiction.” Lai Jianping said.

However, there may be signs of infighting at the top of the CCP in the process of changing the entry-exit-related policies of the General Administration of Customs. Lai Jianping said that there is a big difference between Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang on whether to adhere to the dynamic clearing of the epidemic prevention and control policy, and the two factions also have profound contradictions. struggle.

Lai Jianping believes that while Western countries continue to lift restrictions related to the epidemic, the CCP has not relaxed its nucleic acid testing and epidemic prevention measures, which is equivalent to isolating China, which affects its communication with the world.

The Civil Aviation Administration of the Communist Party of China has adjusted and relaxed the circuit breaker measures for international scheduled passenger flights against COVID-19 since August 7. However, compared with before the epidemic, the number of international flights in and out of China has remained extremely low, and the travel plans of passengers have changed accordingly. complicated.

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