Home News China’s epidemic “radish squat” Zhengzhou issued the No. 1 circular in 2022 to close the city | CCP virus | Zhengzhou closed the city | Cleared | Yuzhou closed the city | 2022 circular No. 1 | Epidemic prevention and control

China’s epidemic “radish squat” Zhengzhou issued the No. 1 circular in 2022 to close the city | CCP virus | Zhengzhou closed the city | Cleared | Yuzhou closed the city | 2022 circular No. 1 | Epidemic prevention and control

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[Voice of Hope January 4, 2022](Reported by our reporter Li Hui)The CCP virus epidemic in Xi’an was unresolved, and the epidemic in Henan began to spread. Following the strict ban in Yuzhou, Henan, issued late at night on January 3, Zhengzhou today issued the No. 1 CCP virus epidemic notice in 2022, announcing the blockade of the Hui district and Erqi district of Guancheng.

The epidemic on the mainland continues to spread. On January 3, CCTV announced that the CCP virus had spread in 17 provinces and 26 cities. Following the lockdown order issued by Yuzhou in the middle of the night on the 3rd, all residents in the city were required to be isolated at home and all motor vehicles were not allowed to drive on the road. On January 4, Zhengzhou, Henan issued the No. 1 epidemic notice of this year, announcing that two cases of asymptomatic infection were found. It is necessary to seal and control parts of the Hui District and Erqi District of the city.

The notice requires that personnel in the enclosed area are not allowed to leave the area or gather together, and that nucleic acid testing needs to be carried out on a regular basis. Each household can arrange for 1 person to purchase living supplies at a designated place in the community within 2 days.

Zhengzhou has also cut off high-speed exits in Zhengzhou city, prohibiting vehicles from entering high-risk areas.

The video showed that the courier was intercepted outside the isolation line and could not enter, and the takeaway ordered by the residents could no longer be delivered; many people were intercepted on both sides of the isolation line, and residents who wanted to go back were not allowed to enter, and residents who wanted to go home were not allowed to enter. ; Someone is calling their family members to tell them that the community is closed and they should not come back.

The 4th is the first day of work after the New Year’s Day holiday on the mainland, but because of the blockade, there are basically no people on the road and subway.

Some netizens questioned Zhengzhou’s move: “The city will be closed in two cases? This is too costly.” “Isn’t the red, yellow and green code used to prevent the source of infection? Otherwise, I will ask what it is.” “I’m here again and sealed again. I really can’t live anymore.” Some netizens also reminded: “Zhengzhou Leek, don’t hurry up to collect grain? Look at Xi’an!” you cry.”

The Zhengzhou No. 1 notice was triggered by two asymptomatic infections discovered on the 3rd. One of them is a 33-year-old cleaner in a hotel in the airport area, and the other is a 66-year-old housewife.

Zhengzhou experienced a catastrophic flood in July last year, coupled with unannounced flood release, which caused many deaths. And just after the flood, the CCP virus began to spread. At the end of July 2021, Zhengzhou began to implement lockdowns on some areas, and it was not until November 24 last year that all the lockdowns were lifted. However, it has only been more than a month since the last round of the epidemic was unblocked, and the virus was once again killed by a carbine.

At present, the CCP virus has spread to at least 17 provinces and 27 cities in the mainland.

Only the CCP in the world is still adopting a blockade strategy to deal with the epidemic. Once a case is detected, the entire community, and even the entire port, and city will be forcibly blocked in order to zero the number of infections. However, secondary crises derived from the blockade have become more and more prominent, and humanitarian disasters have occurred frequently.

A netizen said, “Even if the situation is not serious, it must be sealed. After all, if it is not sealed, the face will be very painful.” “The party is attacking the strongest shield with the strongest spear. die.”

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