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China’s pandemic fever increases with high risk of increasing Delta infection in 14 seconds without contact in District 196 (Figure) | Delta | Virus Strain | 14 seconds | China COVID-19 | Social Diversity

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The picture shows a child undergoing a nucleic acid test for the Covid-19 coronavirus in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province on August 5, 2021. (Image source: STR/AFP via Getty Images)

[See China News on August 8, 2021](See a comprehensive report by Chinese reporter Li Xiaokui)China COVID-19The epidemic was raging, and at least 107 new cases were confirmed on the 6th. In addition to the unabated local cases in Jiangsu, there have also been local cases in Hubei, Hunan, and Henan. Officials recently admitted that,Delta virus strain“No contact14 seconds“It can infect the people.

According to the announcement of the Chinese Health Commission, China has 75 new local cases on July 6 (53 in Jiangsu, 9 in Hubei, 9 in Hunan, 4 in Henan), and 20 local asymptomatic infections (15 in Hubei, 4 in Henan) Cases, 1 case in Hunan).

In this regard, CCTV commented on the 7th that this wave of Delta variant virus epidemic has several characteristics. The first is that the virus strain spreads very quickly, even if there is no contact for 14 seconds, it can be infected. Earlier, Guangzhou officials also announced a “four-generation” transmission chain of Wuhan pneumonia, showing that these infected persons were in the same restaurant. The third-generation and fourth-generation infected persons entered the restaurant toilets. In case of contact with limbs, virus transmission is completed within 14 seconds.

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Secondly, the Delta variant virus spreads more widely. This time, the fifth and sixth generations of cases were infected in 10 days in Guangdong.

In addition, the Delta strain is more toxic, and the proportion of patients becoming severe and critical after the onset of disease is higher than before, and the time is earlier. The most troublesome thing is that the symptoms after infection are atypical and difficult to distinguish.

In this regard, many mainland netizens have said, “This virus is terrible. I hope the epidemic will end soon.”, “This virus has a feeling of invisible, and it makes people uneasy over and over again.” Infected? The virus is evolving too fast. I doubt, is the vaccine useful? The virus is constantly changing!

Some people also questioned that swarm polynucleic acid testing increases the probability of virus transmission. “Every time there are so many people queuing for nucleic acid testing, if anyone carries the virus, wouldn’t it be over in a few seconds?” “The medium-risk zone is in the fifth round. I’m so scared during the first test”, “Nucleic acid test is really scared indoors”, “This virus can’t cut its roots, it keeps mutating and mutating”, “I just want to say (this day) when is the head?”

Since the Delta variant virus captured Nanjing Lukou Airport in Jiangsu, the current round of the epidemic has spread to 17 provinces in China. As of 3 p.m. on August 7, the number of medium- and high-risk areas in China has increased to 196, the highest number since the normalization of epidemic prevention and control.

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According to the official “Infection Transmission Chain Map”, the confirmed cases from Nanjing Lukou Airport have caused people in Shandong, Sichuan, Liaoning, Guangdong, Anhui, and Chongqing to become infected. Among them, a confirmed person in Liaoning traveled to Zhangjiajie, which caused the epidemic to spread to Beijing, Hunan, Hubei, Hainan, and Jiangsu. A Sichuanese who contracted the epidemic in Zhangjiajie, after boarding a tourist boat, transmitted the virus to Hunan and Ningxia. Wait for the place.

In addition, Zhengzhou is also another transmission chain of the outbreak in China. There are also independently diagnosed patients in Yunnan and Shanghai. Supervising the Chinese Communist Party officially ordered the people to be vaccinated quickly, but the epidemic continues to spread so far, arousing concerns from the outside world.

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