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‘Chiquitín’ captured, armed after committing robbery in Pitalito, Huila

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‘Chiquitín’ captured, armed after committing robbery in Pitalito, Huila

A well-known criminal known in the world of crime as alias ‘Chiquitín’ was captured. The operation, which took place in the Laboyos Valley, allowed the seizure of a firearm, the recovery of two cell phones and the immobilization of a motorcycle that would have been used in the criminal act.

The events began when ‘Chiquitín’ committed a robbery, threatening his victim with a firearm.. The rapid response of the Police was thanks to control plans and constant patrols in neuralgic areas of the region. The uniformed officers suspected the criminal when he saw him passing at high speed on a black Pulsar motorcycle, covering his face with a mask, a tactic frequently used by criminals to hide his identity.

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The immediate activation of the padlock plan allowed the patrols to intercept the suspect in the Simón Bolívar neighborhood, who fell from the motorcycle while trying to evade the police cordon. During the personal search, it was confirmed that it was alias ‘Chiquitín’, who was found with a revolver and two recently stolen mid-range cell phones.

Alias ​​’Chiquitín’, with a criminal record that includes more than 8 entries in the SPOA system for crimes such as qualified and aggravated theft, use of minors in the commission of crimes and reception, he was placed at the disposal of the competent authorities. He is currently in preliminary hearings, waiting for his detention in a prison to be determined given his criminal history.

Colonel William Lara, commander of the Huila Police Department, highlighted the importance of this arrest and reiterated the commitment of law enforcement forces to the safety and tranquility of the citizens of Pitalito and its surroundings.

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