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Chloé Mazlo tells a scene from Alice’s Skies (Video)

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Chloé Mazlo tells a scene from Alice’s Skies (Video)

“In this sequence Mona, the daughter of the protagonist, has an audition to enter the conservatory,” says in the video Chloé Mazlo, director of Alice’s skies. “Instead of performing the requested song, he plays a hymn to peace for his country of his, Lebanon, where civil war is about to break out.”

The film tells the story of Alice, a Swiss girl who moved to Lebanon in the 1950s for a job as an au pair. In Beirut she gets along well and falls in love with Joseph, an astrophysicist with whom she builds a family. She feels fulfilled, but with the outbreak of the civil war in the seventies, her paradise will turn into hell.

Chloé Mazlo is a French director and visual artist. Under Alice’s skies is the first feature film he directs.

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