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Chongqing man and his lover plead guilty to murder of his own children and both plead guilty | Sister and brother fell to death | Zhang Bo | Ye Chengchen

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Beijing time:2021-07-27 11:48

[New Tang Dynasty Beijing time July 27, 2021]A few days ago, Chongqing man Zhang Bo and his girlfriend Ye Chengchen, who had cheated on their marriage, were tried, and both pleaded guilty. The two were accused of conspiracy to kill Zhang Bo’s biological sons and daughters. In order to achieve the goal of marrying Ye Chengchen, Zhang Bo threw a pair of children under the age of three from the 15th floor, and the two young children fell to their deaths.

On July 26, 2021, Zhang Bo and Ye Chengchen were charged with intentional homicide and the plaintiff Chen Moumou (Zhang Bo’s ex-wife, mother of two young children) in an incidental civil lawsuit demanding compensation.

According to the official report, Zhang Bo and Ye Chengchen were accused of plotting to kill Zhang Bo’s biological children Zhang Mojia (two years old) and Zhang Moyi (one year old) starting in February 2020; in June of the same year, Ye Chengchen passed multiple passes. WeChat urged Zhang Bo to commit the crime; in October of the same year, Zhang Bo and Ye Chengchen agreed to take Zhang Mojia from his mother Chen somewhere to Zhang Bo’s rented home in a community in Nan’an District to wait for the opportunity to commit the crime on the grounds of buying clothes for Zhang ; At 3:30 pm on November 2nd of the same year, Zhang Bo threw a pair of children playing in the second bedroom from the bay window of the bedroom while there was no one else in the house, causing Zhang Moujia to die on the spot, Zhang Mouyi was rescued Invalid death.

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Zhang Bo and Chen XX were married in August 2017. After their marriage, Chen XX gave birth to daughter Zhang XX and son Zhang XX. The two agreed to divorce in February 2020. Zhang XJ was brought up by Chen X and Zhang XB was raised by Zhang Bo before the age of six, and Chen X was raised after six years of age.

Ye Chengchen is Zhang Bo’s girlfriend who cheated on her marriage. The two met in April 2019. Around August of the same year, Zhang Bo and Ye Chengchen established a private relationship with Ye Chengchen while concealing that he was married and had children. After that, Ye Chengchen knew that Zhang Bo had a child, but continued to associate with Zhang Bo. Ye Chengchen told Zhang Bo many times that neither he nor his parents could accept that he had two children, so the two began planning to kill the two children by accidentally falling high.

“The Paper” reported that Zhang Bo and Ye Chengchen both pleaded guilty in court during the trial of the case, but the characterization of the case, that is, the identification of the principal and accomplice, became the focus of the case. Ye Chengchen denied that the wrist cut on the day of the incident forced Zhang Bo to throw the two children downstairs, but Zhang Bo said that Ye Chengchen cut his wrists on the day and forced him to start the two children.

A mainland netizen left a message saying: “There should be no separation of master and slave. Both should be severely punished! Animals are not as good as animals.” “I can’t believe that there are such malicious people in the world. It’s too hateful.” “Can this be done by humans?” “

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On July 16 this year, Chen Moumou posted a video on her Weibo @睿瑞’s mother about the incident, referring to the father of two young children who fell to death from the 15th floor because of their lover. At that time, the incident aroused heated discussions among mainland netizens, who all said that “tiger poison is still not eating!”

(Reported by reporter Li Jinfeng/Editor in charge: Fan Ming)

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