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CHP Gemlik District Presidency: We condemn the aggressive attitudes in Gemlik Municipal Council! – Bursa News – Regional News

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CHP Gemlik District Presidency: We condemn the aggressive attitudes in Gemlik Municipal Council!  – Bursa News – Regional News

Republican People’s Party Gemlik District Presidency made a press statement.

The explanation is as follows:

Gemlik MunicipalitySince the day we took office, we have taken care to ensure that all council members are given equal right to speak, that all of them are given the opportunity to express themselves freely, and that conversations are not interfered with. The AKP Group Spokesperson went around the same issue on the podium many times and turned the parliamentary podium into a festival area for about an hour. We ensured the functioning of democracy in the Gemlik Municipal Council by frequently giving the floor to council members as well as group spokespeople. We broadcasted the council meetings live, allowing the entire Gemlik community to follow its work.

If we look at the past a little, the previous AKP municipal administration did not even promise our council members about the agenda, let alone making non-agenda promises to the opposition. Even in response to this CHPOur council members from , protested the city council with black tape around their mouths.

On the other hand, AKP, using its numerical majority, eliminated the opposition by reducing the number of audit commission members from five to three. Therefore, the opportunity for the opposition to supervise the municipality’s financial matters was eliminated.

However, in a way that reminds us of the saying that good intentions lead to a disease, a man named Rıdvan Çakmak, who has nothing to do with Gemlik, whose entire family worked in AKP positions, previously came to Gemlik Municipality as the Director of Technical Affairs and was able to hold this position for only six months, was accepted by the municipality with the bargain of the Technical Deputy Mayor. The person who became a council member starts a fight whenever he gets on the podium. What happened in the city council is not the first. We could not count how many incidents this was of Çakmak. Council The recordings are open, anyone can open and watch.

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This council member would be unaware of the Municipality Law No. 5393, and he tried to speak on topics and attitudes that are not identified with this law. On the other hand, he also disrespected our Deputy Mayor and Deputy Chairman of the Assembly, Galip Gür, who presided over the council. Çakmak shouted from the podium and waved his fingers at the council and the members of the council. The actions of Çakmak, whose name is always associated with the incidents, and his own council members who defended him, have not given up their behavior that does not suit the environment of our parliament, which is the will of the voters of Gemlik. These people, using the microphone facilities provided to groups during our period, constantly interrupted the Speaker of the Parliament and did their best not to speak.

We know this attitude very well, we know this mentality very well. Who doesn’t deserve even a single vote he got, Gemlik Municipal Council Member of We refer this person, who cannot carry his certificate of registration, first to the valuable Gemlik public, and then to his own party, which has written him to the rank he is in. We condemn these individuals who use the City Council Rostrum as a political demonstration and choose to create trouble instead of serving!

We will continue to serve you and our district despite your aggressive mentality.

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