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Chris Carpentier broke the silence and talked about his future on MasterChef Celebrity

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Chris Carpentier broke the silence and talked about his future on MasterChef Celebrity

MasterChef Celebrity has become one of the main ‘showcases’ for celebrities in the country. Although the reality show has other modalities, such as the Junior one, in which children participate, or the traditional one, with professional or amateur chefs, RCN has decided to focus on the celebrity version, due to the results in the ratings.

However, the participants are not the only ones who have gained recognition throughout the seasons of the competition, but the same has happened with the judges, as has happened with Christopher Carpentier.

Although Jorge Rausch and Nicolás de Zubiría (the other qualifying experts) were already recognized in Colombia, the Chilean’s name only emerged among viewers’ conversations thanks to his participation in the popular program.

In fact, the Chilean chef decided to stay on Colombian soil for a while, where he already has more than a million followers on Instagram. Likewise, he has remained active on television. He has also appeared on MasterChef Chile and MasterChef Ecuador.

Although the game show has given him popularity, his continuity on MasterChef is at stake. “They say that (Christopher) organized his little things, took everything and decided to say: ‘no more, I’m not going anymore’ (…). This would have happened, apparently, in the final. When they were recording the grand finale, he left everyone with their eyes wide open, and decided to say that he was done,” journalist Carlos Ochoa said at some point.

Given the rumors, he himself decided to speak out. “Masterchef is always missed. It’s like a promotion that comes out. One enters, another leaves. But I don’t know, let’s see what happens now in the future,” he commented in a space in front of the cameras in which he shared with Martha Isabel Bolaños.

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Although his return to the set is not certain, he did praise the work done by the production team. “I think that the people who know the participants and the Masterchef juries in the situations they see us love us more. (…) Masterchef has several things: first, it educates. Second, it entertains. And third, he shows the reality of celebrities,” the gourmet continued.

On the other hand, he gave details of what happens behind the scenes. “In Masterchef you are a character for a little while and then the truth comes out, because you can’t sustain the character for 123 episodes (…) That’s the pressure, it brings out the truth, it brings out the truth. It makes you feel like that, but it’s neither good nor bad, too,” the cook concluded.

Chris Carpentier and Martha Bolaños have spoken about their relationship, denying rumors

Although they have now been together on a Facebook live talking about Masterchef, they were not always such good friends. When they shared on the program they caused a stir on social networks, because they constantly argued. Internet users asked if he had something against the Valle del Cauca woman.

“Zero, I really like Martha,” he stated forcefully.

A short time later they were seen eating together, so the rumors changed and suddenly the belief of a romance between them intensified. She spoke in Buen día, Colombia, about it.

“There are people who say that they liked me or they like me. But I don’t like toxic relationships. He is a guy with a dark humor, as seen in front of the camera. He always made us laugh, but since there are so many hours of recording, they have to edit,” he commented. With Infobae

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