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Chucula de chontilla, a drink with fiber and protein – Diario La Hora

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Chucula de chontilla, a drink with fiber and protein – Diario La Hora

Chontilla chucula, also called Borroque, colada, chicha,
it has many names not only here in Ecuador but in several countries
brothers, where it is consumed.

The chontilla (Bactris gasipaes) a seasonal fruit that every year in
the months of April and May is harvested to the delight of those who
prepare and enjoy the chucula, it is red in color and has a hard crust that
It comes from a palm tree that can measure up to 20 meters high.
It has a certain similarity to chontaduro, becoming more grainy.
small and of a different texture than when its extract is combined with
cooked ripe the result is extremely delicious.

A fruit that provides fiber and protein
Nutritionists assure that the consumption of this fruit gives a
optimal contribution to strengthen the immune system, as it is rich in
essential amino acids, proteins, polysaturated fatty acids, omega
3 and 6, as well as fiber and vitamins A, CYD, in addition to percentages in
carbohydrates and minerals such as iron, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium.
The producers mention that each year the production of
this fruit because the palm trees are being felled to extract
the hearts of palm, or they simply cut them down in order to change the crops for
banana, lemon, papaya, etc. Because this production can
represent higher economic returns.
As it is not a traditional crop, no cultural work is carried out on it and it is
takes advantage of in an artisanal, non-industrial way, what it does in some way
shape contributes to the extinction of this species.
The chontilla is produced in segments and is harvested when it is ready for consumption.
consumption, they are separated and stored in bags for later
marketing, which being a seasonal fruit has a very good
reception in markets and squares.

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Preparation and consumption

For the preparation of the chucula, the seeds are chosen, for
Then take them to a container where they will be on the fire for
about half an hour or until soft.
After this, they are crushed manually to release all their
essence, meanwhile in a separate pot cook the
mature that must be soft to subsequently mash them and
incorporate them into the previously extracted chontilla juice, it can be
add sugar if necessary, it can be served hot or cold. Of
Either way, it will be a pleasure for the senses to consume this
drink that has a particularly sweet and incomparable smell and taste.

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