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Chunchi in emergency for 60 days after heavy rains

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Chunchi in emergency for 60 days after heavy rains


After the intense fall of rain, the Chunchi canton, located in the province of Chimborazo, has been declared in a state of emergency for a period of 60 days. Landslides and the interruption of communications have motivated this measure.

The Municipal Decentralized Autonomous Government (GAD) of Chunchi announced the declaration of emergency on March 2, 2024, indicating that disasters caused by inclement weather “exceed the response capacity at the cantonal level.” Various towns such as Launag Grande, Launag Chico, Alfapamba, Charron and Patococha have suffered serious damage due to landslides. In addition, around fourteen communities are cut off due to the overflowing of the Callanga River.

Given this situation, the Municipality of Chunchi has announced that municipal companies and response agencies are taking measures to mitigate, prevent and coordinate emergency actions in the canton. According to the country’s Risk Management Secretariat (SGR), since January 29, storms have claimed the lives of six people and left seven others injured. In addition, 610 victims and 107,668 affected are reported throughout the national territory. The Chunchi community hopes that these emergency measures will help address the challenges caused by the heavy rains and allow for a speedy recovery of the affected areas.

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