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Church Member Tools App Launches Version 5.0

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Church Member Tools App Launches Version 5.0

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Ryan Jensen, Church News

What began as a basic ward address book app for Church members in 2010 has now become a full-blown set of tools to help people minister more effectively at home, in classrooms, districts and stakes.

Over the past three months, the Church has introduced a major update to its app Member tools for iOS and Android device users. Furthermore, further changes are coming to the section Manager and Recorder Resources (LCR) of the Church website.

In a video released by the Church on December 13, 2023, the presiding bishop Gerald Caussé spoke to both the origins and purpose of these resources.

“At first this app was just a list of members and it was very useful to the members. And it still is,” she said. “But over time we have added other features to simplify the work of local leaders and ensure easy access to information relevant to them.”

Users of the app will now be able to locate the temple closest to their location, as well as see which temple district they are in. Temple ordinance times will also be displayed. The app will also allow users to enter names into the temple prayer list directly from their phone or other device.

New missionary options in the Member Tools app will make available missionary contact information for both those assigned to your ward and serving missionaries from your ward and stake. Users can also connect friends with missionaries closest to them.

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The Church has published additional guidance on its website to help people understand how to use the different features of the Member Tools app. The page includes explanatory videos, report descriptions e Frequent questions. The page also shows some of the major changes coming with the fifth version dell’app.

Justin Krebs, Member Tools product manager, said the Church has many variables to consider when making changes to the resources it provides to members.

“There are people in various parts of the world with different access to technology and different technological skills. We thought about new members and older people with managerial roles. How can we satisfy the needs of such a heterogeneous group with a single app?”.

The answer to the question posed involved a redesign of the app’s graphics and the possibility for users to customize the home screen.

“As we investigated, we discovered that customization was the key. Think about your phone: You’ve set up what you want to have on your screen,” Krebs said.

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“Similarly, functionality between Member Tools and LCR will be very similar, with the same icons and other similarities, so you’ll quickly find what you’re looking for. Then it will be more fulfilling to keep accurate records and use that information for your calling, in your family, and ultimately to do the work of salvation and Exaltation.”

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In Giovanni 15:16 the Savior says: “It is not you who have chosen me, but it is I who have chosen you, and have appointed you that you should go and bear fruit, and your fruit should be permanent.”

Both Member Tools and LCR aim to help Church members strengthen the faith of their ward members and provide resources that help make ministering to individuals and families as easy as possible.

Users of the LCR interface of the Church website and the Member Tools app will notice continued interface changes on both pages as the Church works to unify the structure across all platforms and devices; and eventually, Member Tools and LCR will both be renamed Member Tools and Manager Tools.

The section “General overview of upcoming updates” at churchofjesuschrist.org/tools/help outlines the roadmap for future improvements to this experience on both the Internet and the app and is updated regularly to preview features of upcoming releases.

New features

New features in Member Tools 5.0 include:

Customizing the Home screen lets you change the size, order, and color of the tool panes. Users can now see their assigned temple and the closest temple to their current location (location permission required). Temple ordinance times are available. You can place names on the temple prayer list. You can turn on temple recommend deadline reminders. Contact information for missionaries assigned to your ward and those serving from your ward and stake are available. Users can connect friends with the missionaries closest to them. Local leaders can view reports, move membership records, and record priesthood ordinations.

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Download the Member Tools app for iOS or Android devices here.

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