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“Cielo Roto”, a short documentary filmed in Popayán will premiere at Ficci – news

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“Cielo Roto”, a short documentary filmed in Popayán will premiere at Ficci – news

The audiovisual production was carried out under the direction of the filmmaker María José Alarcón Ardila, with the production of Marcela Morelo Lozada.

“Cielo Roto”, a documentary short film, shot in Popayán in mid-2021, directed by the young Payanes María José Alarcón Ardila, a film and television professional, with the production of Marcela Morelo Lozada, lawyer and audiovisual producer, also from Popayán, will be released within the framework of the 62nd Cartagena de Indias International Film Festival- Ficci-.

The projections of the payanesa film will take place on Thursday, March 23 at the Bocagrande Sala 1 Shopping Center, at 8:00 PM and on Sunday, March 26 at the Torre del Reloj, at 6:40 PM, within the framework of the exhibition “Tierra Adentro”, a selection of 14 productions from different regions of the country.

María José, its director and screenwriter, fulfills the dream of returning to FICCI with her own film, produced from the region, teaming up with a talented group of friends who accompanied her throughout the process.

“Cielo Roto is inspired by my own experience, in the search for answers to a health problem and weaves a fragmented story through different documentary and fictional material devices that orbit around the past and the present, making similarities, for example, with the Popayán earthquake in 1983. It is a cinematographic exploration of brotherhood and family, about the need to talk about the things that hurt us and that can become, in this case, and with the excuse of making a movie, a ritual to heal and find beauty in that pain”, explained María José.

María José Alarcón Ardila and Marcela Morelo Lozada, director and producer, respectively, of the short documentary “Cielo Roto”.

He added that the film was shot in mid-2021, in the midst of the pandemic and unemployment, in an environment of great anxiety, overcoming all kinds of difficulties and limitations such as the shortage of gasoline and food, but, above all, with the pain from the things that were happening in the city and in the department. “Finally we achieved it with the endurance and commitment of all those who participated,” said the filmmaker.

Earthquake that semi-destroyed Popayán in 1983.

“Ficci continues to be an important window to share with the world projects carried out in the regions of Colombia and we are happy that the national premiere of our film is in Cartagena to bring it to the region later… we continue to establish alliances for the future of “Cielo Broken” and the new projects that are on the way from Cauca”, indicated Marcela Morelo, the producer of the short film.

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“Cielo Roto” competed with 267 projects nationwide, of which 24 regional stories were chosen. For the production, we had support resources from Proimagenes Colombia – Fund for the Cinematographic Development of Colombia (FDC), which contributed a significant percentage for the realization in Popayán.

The beautiful yellow Guayacán, with beautiful flowers, adorns avenues and parks in Popayán.

For all stages of production and post-production, the support of highly qualified local professionals was achieved and several young people joined the project to nurture it in different components, highlighting the participation of Marco and Sebastián Ágredo, Sebastián Ocampo, Rafael Franco, Robert Campo, Paola Gaona, Karen Torres, Verónica Curátola, Andrés Morales, Fhiama Alzate, Laura Gutiérrez, among many others. In addition, with the support of Cinecultivo Estudio, La Valiente Estudio Creative Group, the Comfacauca University Corporation-Unicomfacauca-, the Popayán FUP University Foundation, Tori Diseño Sonoro, Caucamerata Foundation, Caucana Foundation of Intellectual Heritage and Grupo Pio Pio SAS.

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