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Cinema in Cagliari, the Kentzeboghes festival prologue to “Babel”

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A “frame” of 12 April by Antonello Deidda

Screenings of “April 12” by Antonello Deidda and “Santamaria” by Arca. The review dedicated to minority languages ​​from 6 to 11 December at the Thotel

CAGLIARI. The screening of the winning films of the 2020 Kentzeboghes festival was the forerunner on Friday 3 December in the Greenwich hall at the Babel film festival dedicated to minority languages ​​which takes place from 6 to 11 December at the Thotel in Cagliari.

During the evening, two fictons and a documentary entirely in Sardinian were screened. The first short film was entitled “April 12”, directed by the journalist Antonello Deidda, who talks about two very important events for the city of Cagliari, with a common denominator: the date of April 12. In 1970 that day Cagliari won their only, historic Scudetto while in 2020, 50 years later, that day began the lockdown in the city due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The second “short” instead, entitled Santamaria, directed by Andrea Deidda, tells the story of a boxer who dreamed of becoming a great world champion. It is the story of Raimondo Gaviano, who had started boxing in the gyms of the Villanova district in Cagliari at the end of the 60s and who saw his career end with his death in the ring of his country of origin.

The documentary instead is entitled “S’acapiu de su sorighe de arbore sardu” shot by Fabizio Vella. Documentary dedicated to the Sardinian dormouse, a species that was thought to be extinct but which is still found on the island in few and very rare specimens. On the evening of Kentzeboghes, the winners of the projects that will have to be transformed into films in the course of 2022 were also announced: Antonello Deidda’s “Venusians are coming” and Daniele Arca’s “Eclipse”

The inauguration of the Babel festival on Monday at 6 pm at the Thotel, with the announcement of the winners on Saturday 11th. 21 films are competing for the awarding of the “Il Mistral” prize. This is the list. “Maestrale” Award, feature film category (6,000 euros) five films are competing: “Amuka – L’éveil” by Antonio Spanò; Lois Patiño’s “Lùa Vermella”; “My body will bury you” by Giovanni La Pàrola; “Ndoto ya Samira by Nino Tropiano; and Stefano Giacomuzzi’s “Pozzis, Samarcanda”.

Documentary category (2500 euros): “An Alc’hwez Aour” by Mikael Baudu; “Boca de Culebra” by Adriana Otero Puerto; Elif Yiğit’s “Hasankeyf”; “Mör Vös: Ühispalvus” by Liivo Niglas; “Otra Mano” by Agu Netto; “Talking Dreams” by Bruno Rocchi; and “Umbras” by Fabian Volti.

Short film category (2500 euros): “Absences” of Cinema in progress; “Dar-Dar” by Paul Urquijo Alijo; “Eggshell” by Ryan William Harris; “Hard, Cracked The Wind” by Mark Jenkin; “Intolerance” by Giuliano Giacomelli and Lorenzo Giovenca; “Male fadàu” by Matteo Incollu; “Mira sa dì” by Andrea Cannas; “Mowes” by Bryher Flanders; and “Subandila (Lizard)” by Josu Martinez.

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