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Ciro Grillo and the three friends sent for trial on charges of sexual violence

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Ciro Grillo – son of the founder of M5s Beppe Grillo – Francesco Corsiglia, Edoardo Capitta and Vittorio Lauria, the four 21-year-old Ligurians accused of group sexual violence against an Italian-Norwegian peer, have been sent for trial. This was decided by the gup Caterina Interlandi after an hour in the Council Chamber. Accepted the request of the Attorney Gregorio Capasso. The first hearing is scheduled for March 16, 2022.

“In case of indictment, I will personally follow the trial” announced prosecutor Capasso. “The three substitutes are very young, and two of them arrived very recently, let’s see if more experienced magistrates arrive in perspective, but for now it can only be me, also because I followed the investigation from the beginning.” Before the start of the discussion, the expert appointed by the judge to transcribe 11 interceptions considered decisive by the parties, on which the trial will be played, also participated in the hearing.

Bongiorno: there was an attempt to distort acts

“We have witnessed the publication of fragments of misinterpreted acts, today the gup responded to this attempt to crumble deeds that have a very specific meaning,” said Giulia Bongiorno, the girl’s lawyer, commenting on the decision of the gup. “I’m not happy but I’m satisfied, my client is still suffering and I waited to say that there was a distortion by some newspapers and the girl ended up in the dock, but the evidence tells a different truth”.

The story

The events that occurred in the residence of Beppe Grillo – Ciro’s father – in Porto Cervo, Costa Smeralda, date back to the night of July 17, 2019. After an evening in the Billionaire disco, Ciro jr and his friends moved there with their accuser and a friend of hers (who took up a civil action with the lawyer Vinicio Nardo): she too is a victim of abuse because while she was sleeping, the young people took obscene photos within an inch of her face.

It all started with the story of the 19-year-old Italian-Norwegian student – assisted by the lawyer Giulia Bongiorno and civil party in the trial – made to the carabinieri in Milan, where she lives, a week after the events. “Forced to have sexual intercourse, to drink half a bottle of vodka, to group intercourse”, writes the Prosecutor’s Office against the four, who have always spoken of “consenting relationships”. A year ago the investigations were closed for the first time, but then they went on and the suspects released spontaneous statements in their defense. In May, the request for indictment, with the story of the girl on file, as well as photos and images that would reinforce the accusation together with the wiretapping collected by putting several phones under control for over a year, including those of Ciro jr and his three friends .

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