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Cities empty for holidays, thieves lurking: here’s how to prevent thefts

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UDINE. The city empties itself “for holidays” and this can facilitate thieves and scammers. Here are some steps you can take to reduce the risk of ending up in the crosshairs of criminals. The word to the head of the Mobile Police Station, Massimiliano Ortolan.

«As for the houses – he explains – it is advisable not to leave external signs of one’s prolonged absence. For example, you need to avoid the accumulation of mail and, in this, a neighbor can help. Likewise, do not leave messages on the answering machine saying that you will be away for a while. And, of course, do not provide this information on social networks “. Even in the condominium area, the best “ally” is the neighbor. “Before leaving – explains Deputy Commissioner Ortolan – it is good to tell a neighbor that you are about to leave, so that if there is any suspicious person, they will be immediately reported”. In many cases, however, the shutters lowered and “reveal” the absence are enough. And then – it is always the advice of the police – it is necessary to take precautions by taking cash and the most precious things from home. «Better to deposit everything in safe places – underlines the same head of the Mobile – and, if there are no alternatives, there is a safe deposit box service. It comes at a cost, but it’s better than losing everything. Do not use the usual hiding places in closets or in the bathroom … which are the first places where the “house rats” go to look. Also, another good rule of thumb is to have photographs of the valuables. Thus, in the event of theft and subsequent discovery, all the procedures will be simpler ».

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Finally, perhaps the most banal advice, but never predictable. Before leaving, check that you have closed doors and windows and that you have activated all existing safety systems. And if one arrives home and is faced with signs of forced entry, it is better to wait to enter if you think that the thieves may still be inside. In this case, call 112 and wait for a patrol to arrive. As for scams, if our elders stay at home, we should make sure they don’t just stay alone. «You can indicate a reference person – concludes Ortolan -, once again a neighbor or a younger person. And it is good to contact them often to find out if everything is fine ». –

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