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Citizens ask the Transit secretariats for greater control

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The inhabitants of the neighborhood San Fernandosoutheast of the capital of Cesar, state that there are drivers who are not respecting the Road signs on the new road La Paz-Valledupar, even though they can be fined.

For now, this broker is only enabled in One waybut some people try to leave Valledupar towards the neighboring municipality, which puts the road safety. The return is by the old way.

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“We have observed failures in traffic control In La Paz, heavy vehicles like mules and buses that pass through the neighborhood come from there,” assured Sergio Moya, resident in this sector.

Lea: Avoid penalties! Prohibited the passage of heavy vehicles on the new La Paz-Valledupar road

Jaider Gutierrez, Secretary of Traffic of La Paz, told THE PYLON that the responsibility to control mobility on this road is “shared”, that is, of the two municipal secretariats.


“We are doing the heavy traffic control, but due to lack of staff we cannot be there 24 hours because we only have of the agents and that is when the driver takes advantage, even knowing that it is prohibited ”, Gutierrez said.

The official added that he exposed the situation to the Departmental Transit Institute. He added that he will have a work table with the Valledupar Department of Transit and Transportation, Diana Dazafor take decisions about the case.

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this way, inaugurated on January 12ends in the San Fernando neighborhood, where the urban road that connects with the adjoining roundabout tol Transport Terminal.

Some taxi drivers park at the end of the road, in Valledupar, to wait for passengers, according to comments from the public./ PHOTO: COURTESY.

“We have a small terminal where the avenue ends, there, taxi drivers and motorcyclists park and occupy the left lane to wait for passengers” Moya added.

At 3 p.m. this Tuesday, THE PYLON showed that two Valledupar transit agents they were on site doing control tasks.

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