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City’s Financial Work Shows Steady Progress and Sets Key Goals for the Second Half of the Year

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Hebi City Holds Financial Work Scheduling Meeting for the First Half of the Year

On July 11, Hebi City held its financial work scheduling meeting for the first half of the year. Deputy Mayor Hu Hongjun attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Representatives from various financial institutions, including the Municipal Financial Work Bureau, the Hebi Central Sub-branch of the People’s Bank of China, the Hebi Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, banking institutions, insurance institutions, and Zhongyuan Hebi Guarantee Company, were also present.

During the meeting, an overview of the city’s financial work in the first half of the year was presented, and plans for the next key work were discussed. Representatives from each participating unit also gave speeches on their respective efforts in the development of financial work.

Deputy Mayor Hu Hongjun praised the steady progress made in the city’s financial work since the beginning of the year. He emphasized the importance of continuously expanding development space to support the real economy and improve the livelihood and well-being of the people. He also highlighted the role financial institutions play in facilitating high-quality economic development.

Hu Hongjun urged all financial institutions to recognize their achievements while being aware of their shortcomings and weaknesses. He stressed the need to maintain a results orientation, strive for excellence, and push for further progress. He emphasized the importance of closely monitoring the “double hundred billion” goals and tasks, enhancing the sense of responsibility and urgency, refining various measures, and making all-out efforts to achieve the annual goals.

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The Deputy Mayor also emphasized the need to optimize the loan structure by focusing on the “four excellent and three new” leading industries, key industrial chains, and technological innovation. He encouraged increased support to ensure a win-win situation for both banks and enterprises.

Furthermore, Hu Hongjun stressed the importance of researching financial and industrial policies to seize development opportunities brought about by policy adjustments. He highlighted the need to identify the combination point of financial policy and industrial development in accordance with Hebi City’s actual situation, thereby supporting local economic development to the greatest extent.

Another key point raised was the necessity of preventing and defusing financial risks while remaining vigilant against systemic and regional financial risks. The Deputy Mayor emphasized the importance of holding the bottom line in this regard.

Lastly, Hu Hongjun called for continuous efforts to optimize the financial business environment, improve the quality and efficiency of financial services, and inject financial vitality into the construction of high-quality development demonstration cities in the new era.

The financial work scheduling meeting provided a platform for Hebi City’s financial institutions to evaluate their progress, discuss future plans, and reaffirm their commitment to supporting the city’s economic growth and the well-being of its residents.

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