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Clarification of the Supreme Court on the decision given in the case of blasphemy of the Quran

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Clarification of the Supreme Court on the decision given in the case of blasphemy of the Quran

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court of Pakistan has issued a statement regarding the ongoing propaganda on social media regarding a decision in which it has been said that many misunderstandings are being created due to wrong reporting of a decision of the Supreme Court. The impression is being given that the Supreme Court has deviated from the second constitutional amendment (definition of Muslim).

The statement said that the impression being given that the verdict called for the abolition of the provisions of the Pakistan Penal Code regarding “crimes against religion”, this impression is completely wrong.

Various religious and political parties and organizations of the country are protesting the Supreme Court’s decision to grant bail to a person belonging to the Ahmadi community, and the judges who delivered the verdict are being accused of supporting Ahmadis.

After which the Supreme Court issued an explanation regarding the decision and said that the Supreme Court had declared that even if the allegations are accepted as true, these provisions do not apply to them, but the section of the Criminal Amendment Act 1932. 5 applies, the publication of prohibited books under these provisions is punishable with imprisonment for a maximum of 6 months, when the accused has already served more than one year in prison.

In the statement, it was said that keeping in mind the Islamic injunctions, constitutional provisions and the requirements of law and justice, the release of the accused was ordered on bail.

The spokesman of the Supreme Court says that it is a pity that in such cases emotions get inflamed and Islamic rules are forgotten. The relevant provisions of the Constitution of Pakistan have been quoted, it is clear in them that these rights will be available only “subject to law, public order and morals”. And it will have the right to express it, according to the constitution every religious group has the right to establish, maintain and manage its own religious institutions. No deviation was made.

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In the declaration of the Supreme Court, it was said that the Chief Justice tries to reason from the Qur’an, the Hadiths of the Holy Prophets, and their opinions in the judgments. do

According to the declaration, Section 2, Section 31 and Section 227 of the Constitution and Section 4 of the Shariah Implementation Act, 1991 require that if there is any mistake in the interpretation of a constitutional provision, it is the responsibility of the scholars to correct it. And there are legal avenues, the Chief Justice and the Supreme Court have not stopped anyone from reviewing before and will not stop anyone now. Court decisions can be criticized in an appropriate manner. Or the organized campaign against judges is deplorable, it is also a violation of the right to freedom of expression mentioned in Article 19 of the Constitution, it can harm this pillar of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

It should be noted that the Supreme Court had ordered to delete the provisions of insulting Quran and promotion of Qadianism from the case of blasphemy of Quran and promotion of Qadianism.

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