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Claudia Margarita’s defense of Uribe: “It is political revenge”

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Claudia Margarita’s defense of Uribe: “It is political revenge”

Last week, the Attorney General called the former president to trial Álvaro Úribe Vélez for alleged witness manipulation in the case he is carrying out with Senator Iván Cepeda.

Former President Iván Duque, senators, representatives and activists of the Democratic Center They came out in defense of the former president. And the deputy and former candidate for the Governor of Cesar for the Democratic Center, Claudia Margarita Zuletawas no exception.

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On his Instagram he published a photo next to the former president and a message supporting him. “I have been able to learn about the work, virtues and legacy of the President Uribe for Colombia. He returned hope to us and rescued a Failed state“, start. Later, she commented that she had been favored “for his wisdom and generosity”. “With coherence and patriotic love he has led other generations, transcending history.”

The deputy concluded by pointing out that this process is part of a political vendetta against Uribe. “The ruthless persecution and the strange majesty of the perpetrators of Colombia Today they confine this immense Colombian to a judicial crossroads plagued by contradictions, omissions, abuses and unusual actors. The tinge of political revenge is clear, you just have to see who celebrates. All my solidarity and my prayers to prove his innocence and the truth triumphs,” he concluded.

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