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Claus Drexel tells a scene from Under the stars in Paris (Video)

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“In this scene Suli, the protagonist of the film, is suspended between dream and reality”, says in the video Claus Drexel, director of Under the stars of Paris. “To convey this sensation to the viewer, I wanted everything to be credible and dreamlike. So I introduced bizarre characters and shot the scene in Montmartre ”.

The film tells the story of a homeless man who has lived in isolation for some time, Christine, and of Suli, an eight-year-old boy who appears one night in front of her shelter. He is lost and does not speak French. She accompanies him to look for his mother on the streets of Paris, finding a humanity that he believed disappeared.

Claus Drexler is a German director and screenwriter. He works in France and the last film he directed is America (2018).


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