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Climate changes in Loja are harmful to health – breaking latest news

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Climate changes in Loja are harmful to health – breaking latest news

The constant changes in temperature in the city of Loja have a scientific explanation and reveal that we must be prepared to experience a process of adaptation to climate change, according to experts.

Fabrizio Riofrío Toscano, who works as Risk Coordinator in the Municipality of Loja, spoke with this media outlet and announced that the temperature changes are due to various natural phenomena. “In the first months of the year we were affected by the recurrence of the rainy season, and a few weeks ago we had an atypical situation of ocean-atmospheric order due to the cyclone called Yaku”, registered in Peru, whose tropical characteristics would have reached the coasts from Ecuador.

He commented that, during this rainy season caused by the remoteness of the phenomenon in Peru, an earthquake has occurred in the southern provinces, especially in El Oro, with considerable effects. “Today we are experiencing an unstable climate in relation to the rains, which according to the forecasts are quite variable,” and even the latest bulletin from the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (Inamhi), would have recorded the presence of heat during the next 48h00. “Between yesterday and today (March 23), a very high radiation presence has been registered in the city of Loja, ranging from 8 to 10 points, and in the afternoon and night there will be showers,” characteristics that would remain for the next few weeks.

Riofrío Toscano reported that these behaviors of nature are one more example that climate change is a reality, and rather today it is necessary to debate and make decisions aimed at adapting to the reality in which we live. “The radiation problem is a first symptom of climate change and it is very dangerous because it threatens people’s health and for this reason precautions must be taken,” he even argued that public planning should be based on current parameters, without However, no progress has yet been made in this logic, since the presence of change on the planet had been announced 15 years ago. “It is necessary to work on a roadmap, with projects and initiatives to face climate change adaptation”, recognizing it as a transversal axis in all human actions.

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We consulted the freelance dermatologist, Fanny Macanchi Moncayo, about the effects of grade 8 radiation in the city of Loja, and she confirmed that they would be highly dangerous for the health of Lojanos. “This level of radiation causes skin lesions in people, and in some cases, added to other risk factors, causes cancer,” said the professional, while recommending avoiding direct sun exposure at 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. “We should use sunscreen, but no product, no matter how expensive it may be, will completely protect the skin, so we should always wear hats, umbrellas, and long-sleeved clothing,” she explained.

The dermatology professional commented that skin diseases could not be treated at the Ministry of Public Health (MSP), since free sunscreens for patients are not registered in the basic list of medications, for example. “On some occasions it has been possible to provide patients with the greatest need, taking steps to obtain donations, but they have been specific cases,” she said. (YO)

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