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Climate, Pope Francis to young people: “You are the last generation to save us”

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“Today our mother Earth groans and warns us that we are approaching dangerous thresholds. You are perhaps the last generation that can save us, I am not exaggerating ». Pope Francis said this to the young economists gathered in Assisi (Perugia), in a video message sent to “The Economy of Francesco”. “In light of this emergency, your creativity and your resilience carry a great responsibility. I hope you can use those gifts of yours – is the Pope’s wish – to fix the mistakes of the past and direct us towards a new, more supportive, sustainable and inclusive economy ».

The sick economy kills, we are not the owners of creation

«The sick economy that kills arises from the supposition that we are owners of creation, capable of exploiting it for our interests and our growth. The pandemic reminded us of this deep bond of reciprocity; it reminds us that we have been called to guard the goods that creation gives to all; reminds us of our duty to work and distribute these goods so that no one is left out. Finally it also reminds us that, immersed in a common sea, we must accept the need for a new fraternity ”, said Pope Francis in the video message. “This is a good time to feel once again that we need each other, that we have a responsibility.”


Inequalities have amplified, some have enriched themselves

“The Covid-19 pandemic has not only revealed to us the profound inequalities that infect our societies: it has also amplified them,” the Pontiff told young economists. “Since the appearance of a virus from the animal world – continued the Pope -, our communities have suffered from the great increase in unemployment, poverty, inequality, hunger and exclusion from necessary health care. Let us not forget that some few have taken advantage of the pandemic to enrich themselves and withdraw into their own reality. All these sufferings fall disproportionately on our poorest brothers and sisters ».

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Father Fortunato: his appeal to young people already accepted in Assisi

“The participation in The Economy of Francesco was strong and unanimous in presence and in streaming connection”, underlined Father Enzo Fortunato, head of the information structure of Economy of Francesco. “The Pope immediately hit the mark by pointing out in the young people ‘perhaps the last generation that can save us, I am not exaggerating’. And the words that Bergoglio wanted to deliver to the whole of humanity come to mind a year ago in Assisi in the middle of the pandemic: brotherhood means facing the storm together without forgetting the least ones ». Father Fortunato recalled that “in Assisi there are over 200 girls and boys listening and working for a new solidarity and inclusive economy. All this takes place on the eve of the feast of St. Francis which is remembered by the Italian Parliament as a day of peace, fraternity and dialogue between members of different cultures and religions. This young people who are not the future but the present are already living it. The challenge has become reality ».

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