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Coast of San Juan, 30 years

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Coast of San Juan, 30 years

History of the municipality El Litoral del San Juan – Chocó

At the beginning of the 20th century, the first settlers arrived in the territory of the Litoral del San Juan, fleeing the violence in their territories on the coasts of the departments of Nariño, Cauca, Valle del Cauca and Chocó. The settlement that would give rise to Santa Genoveva de Docordó, the current municipal seat, was initially inhabited by the Ibargüen, Pretel, Murillo and Mosquera families. In the mid-1960s the parish church was erected and the neighbors congregated in a hamlet. On March 27, 1968, the nuns of the Missionary Company of the Sacred Heart of Jesus arrived. At that time, there were 35 houses built, in addition to two more next to the mouth of the Santa Genoveva ravine, inhabited by indigenous people. The nuns undertook the first tasks of education for indigenous people and other inhabitants of the hamlet.

In 1989, the project to separate the municipality of Istmina, to which the population belonged, began. Through Ordinance 011 of 1991, the area between the townships Potedó and Pichimá was elevated to a municipality, with the name of Bajo San Juan. In April 1992, the legal life of the nascent municipality was suspended, which returned to be under the jurisdiction of Istmina, due to a lawsuit filed by Mr. Eladio Mosquera Borja.

However, in 1993, through Ordinance 018 of the Chocó Departmental Assembly, the separation of Istmina was made firm, creating the new municipality with the name of El Litoral del San Juan. The first mayor was the lawyer Alejandro Arango Mosquera, appointed by the governor Antonio Heráclito Maya Copete.

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The mayor Arango Mosquera was in charge of organizing the first elections for the municipal mayoralty, resulting in Mr. Luis Moisés Murillo Ibargüen being elected as the first popularly elected mayor, for the period 1995-1997.

Reason for the creation of the municipality El Litoral del San Juan – Chocó.

It was an initiative of the logging businessmen of the municipality of El Litoral del San Juan: because ISTMINA was charging many taxes to the businessmen and the money was not reflected in the village of Santa Genoveva de Docordó, among the founders of the municipality of El Litoral del San Juan are the following gentlemen:

Marcelo Murillo Asprilla

Roberto Bermudez

Gumercindo Murillo

Amaranth Murillo

Hannibal Murillo

Daniel Murillo

Apolinar Camacho

Leonidas Herrera Angle

Helmer Caceres

Jorge Caicedo

Liborio Rosero Cáceres

Oscar Rocero Cáceres

Administrative organization

Municipal Head: Santa Genoveva de Docordó.


Charambira, Copoma, Cucurrupí, Monkey Island, The Rocks, The Pereas, Munguido, Palestine, Pichima, Beach-Deer, Taparal, Togoroma.

The municipality has 17 villages: Puerto Limón (Cucurrupí), Corriente Palo, Guachal, Puerto Murillo, Tordo, Vella Victoria, Barrios Unidos, Pangalita, Las Delicias (Munguidó), El Quinchara, El Coco (Palestine), García Gómez, Choncho, Punta Choncho (Isla del Mono), Los Esteros (Charambirá), Venado (Playita), El Carrá (Docordó).

indigenous reservations

The indigenous reservations are 17: Durg Agdur, Middle Chagpien, Chagpien Thrush (Copoma), Union Waimia, Pangala, Star Pangala (Munguidó), Taparalito (Taparal), Papayo, Burgundy, St. Bernard, Warataco, Good View, Uncle Cyril (Monkey Island), Broken of Togoroma (Togoroma), Pichima Gorge (Pichima), Basalite Union (Docordo).


Fishing and Timber Exploitation

The holidays:

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Feast of San Antonio; in the corregimiento of Palestine (from June 10 to 13).

Feast of the Virgen del Carmen (from July 8 to 16).

Festivities of Santa Genevieve.

1. Mayor General, WILLIAN RENE SALAMANCA RAMIREZDirector of the National Police,

2. FELIPE TASCÓN RECIOTechnical Director of the Directorate for the Substitution of Crops for Illicit Use (PNIS),

3. ADRIANA VELASQUEZ LASPRILLA, Deputy Director General of the Colombian Institute of Family Well-being.

4. ARIEL PALACIOS CALDERON Governor of the Department of Chocò

5. PARMENIDES PALACIOS RENTERIACaptain of the National Police

6. ASTRID ELIANA CÁCERES CÁRDENAS, General Director of the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare ICBF

7. Rear Admiral CARLOS ALBERTO SERRANO GUZMANCommander of the Pacific Naval Force

8. Coronel JOSE DOMINGO CANTILLO CAROCommander of the Marine Infantry Brigade No.2

9. Admiral FRANCISCO HERNANDO CUBIDES GRANADOSCommander of the Colombian Navy



12. ALIRIO MOSQUERA LEUDO Rector Ramón Lozano Garcés Institution

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