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“Coffee cakes, and then go to sleep”: last carnivalists in Aalst go home (Aalst)

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The traditional distribution of coffee cakes brought an end to the three crazy days of Aalst Carnival on Wednesday morning. Several hundred carnivalists stayed the night and sat down to receive breakfast from the city council. Then the cleaning crew could get to work.

Typical image in Aalst after the third and final night of the Aalst Carnival: a Grote Markt that is littered with a lot of rubbish, but especially with exhausted, drunk and party-goers. (Read more below the photos)

© apm

© apm

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After a while, Brian is still lonely on the Grote Markt on Wednesday morning. “I ate four pittas last night,” he says. “So I don’t really feel like having those coffee cakes. After this I’m going to have another drink and then go home.” (Read more below the photo)

Brian doesn’t feel like having coffee cakes. — © apm

Hundreds of others eagerly sit down for the coffee cakes that the city hands out for the real end of Aalst Carnival. (Read more below the photos and video)

Coffee cake distribution in Aalst – Annabel Podevyn. — © Het Nieuwsblad

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© apm

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And then the clean-up crew bravely but relentlessly gets to work. Aalst Carnival does not have the best reputation when it comes to waste. Yet the city says it makes enormous efforts to reduce the waste mountain every year.

Carnivalists help Mooimakers

New this year was the use of reusable cups. A system with a guarantee, for which the Aalst catering establishments have made efforts. In addition, an eco team from Mooimakers was on the road during the three-day event to sort waste. The many carnivalists were happy to lend a helping hand.

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And that has yielded results. This year, according to the city council, no less than thirty percent less waste was collected than last year.

Aalst cleaned up after carnival – Annabel Podevyn. — © Het Nieuwsblad

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