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Coffee growers from Huila held a sit-in in Neiva

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Coffee growers from Huila held a sit-in in Neiva

Coffee farmers in the northern area of ​​the department of Huila held a sit-in to express their discontent with the difficult situation they are facing due to low coffee prices and high input costs.

The protest took place outside the Huila Coffee Growers Committeein Neiva where the farmers demanded to be heard by the organization’s directors.

Among the demands of the coffee growers is the request for lower interest rates on loans granted by the Agrarian Bank, as well as a reduction in fertilizer prices.

According to Reinel Suárez, one of the protesters, the main concern lies in the low price at which they are selling their coffee.which is leading them to operate at a loss.

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“We are working at a loss, the inputs are very high and we cannot pay because the price of the inputs is very expensive,” Suárez expressed in an interview with Diario del Huila.

Some coffee growers stated that producing a load of coffee costs more or less $1,600,000, and they are selling it for $1,200,000.

In addition to facing the economic crisis resulting from low coffee prices, farmers must also deal with the additional challenges caused by the phenomenon of the childwhich has affected agricultural production in the region.

Edna Yolima Calderón Ome, Executive Director of the Departmental Committee of Coffee Growers of Huila, addressed the protesters with the aim of opening a dialogue that would address their concerns and find effective solutions.

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