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Cold air has arrived in Gansu, causing local cooling and precipitation – Xinhuanet

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Cold Air Arrives in Gansu Province, Bringing Cooling and Precipitation

The provincial and municipal meteorological bureaus have announced that cold air has swept into most of Hedong, Gansu Province, bringing with it light snow and sleet in certain areas. The affected regions include Gannan, Qingyang, Zhangye, Wuwei, and more. As the cooling and precipitation weather continues, the meteorological department has issued a reminder for relevant departments to ensure the dispatching of power supply, water supply, and heating. Additionally, residents are urged to take personal protection measures and keep warm in response to the cold weather.

Based on the latest meteorological observation data, the forecast indicates cloudy conditions in Gannan, Qingyang, Zhangye, Wuwei, and other areas on the night of the 10th into the day of the 11th, with potential for light snow or sleet in some locations. The rest of the province is expected to experience sunny or cloudy conditions. Moving into the night of the 11th and the day of the 12th, various parts of the province are projected to be sunny or cloudy. Lastly, from the night of the 12th to the day of the 13th, Longnan, Tianshui, and Pingliang cities may transition from sunny to cloudy, with the possibility of light rain, snow, or sleet in certain areas, while the remainder of the province is expected to be sunny or cloudy.

In Lanzhou City, temperatures are anticipated to fluctuate between -3°C and 9°C over the next few days. On the 11th, the city experienced cloudy conditions, whereas the 12th is forecasted to be a mix of cloudy and sunny, and the 13th is expected to be cloudy.

As the cold air takes hold in Gansu Province, residents are advised to stay updated on the weather forecasts and take appropriate measures to stay warm and safe during this period of cooling and precipitation.

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Source: Lanzhou Daily Omni-Media Reporter Teng Xiaohong

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