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Colfuturo opens call for talent seedbed – news

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Colfuturo opens call for talent seedbed – news

Given some statements that have circulated through social networks and in some digital portals, in which it is stated that Representative Hugo Archila did not attend “for irregular reasons” the sessions of the Seventh Commission in which the Project was discussed of Law 367 of 2023 – Labor Reform, the congressman clarified what had happened to public opinion:

According to Representative Archila, last Thursday, June 15, while the Labor Reform was being discussed in the Seventh Commission, at that same time, he had already been summoned by the Ethics Commission of the House of Representatives. This summons, which was scheduled a week before, had the purpose of resolving an appeal filed in a file of said Commission; appeal that had to be resolved in the terms of the law and of which he was appointed rapporteur; For this reason, it was not possible for him to appear at the debate on the aforementioned Bill.

That day, Archila points out that he filed an excuse before the Seventh Commission, for which the Secretary of the Ethics Commission certified his attendance and participation from 7:30 a.m. to 10:49 a.m.

On the other hand, he indicated that in a session of the Seventh Commission held on June 15, he presented an impediment that was unfoundedly approved, with the objective of irregularly achieving majorities, also voting for practically identical impediments but in a different sense, which left him out of the debate, demonstrating clear manipulation.

For this reason, the Representative filed a guardianship action to protect his fundamental rights to due process, equality, and corresponding political rights, he asserts that in an arbitrary, capricious, and selective manner, they decided to declare an impediment to him proven, without equal and/or equitable and for this reason, he did not attend on Tuesday, June 20, the installation in plenary of the Session by the Seventh Committee.

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Archila highlighted in his statement that he has always shown interest in participating in the construction of the Labor Reform, proof of this are the 38 proposals that he filed, in which he addressed the concerns of workers, businessmen and trade union sectors of Casanare and the country. , with the clear intention of joining efforts and consolidating this project by consensus, understanding the need to carry out a true reform in labor matters.

Finally, the Representative reiterated his willingness to work on the construction of initiatives that contribute to the development and well-being of Casanareños.

Source: Communications Representative Hugo Archila

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