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College graduates have entered the critical period of the sprint for job hunting, and colleges and universities in various regions are actively recruiting_China Economic Net – National Economic Portal

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Sprint employment season to build bridges for colleges and universities (employment observation of college graduates)

Since June, the job search for college graduates has entered a critical period of sprinting. In recent years, colleges and universities across China have been matching bridges and providing targeted assistance, actively making moves in opening up employment channels, improving employability, and providing employment guidance, and have done everything possible to provide opportunities and create conditions for college graduates to choose jobs.

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Not long ago, a science and technology employment promotion action was held at Shanghai Jiaotong University. The founders and recruitment leaders of nearly 30 science and technology enterprises brought nearly 500 job opportunities to graduates.

Different from general recruitment activities, this employment promotion action with the theme of science and technology innovation covers intelligent manufacturing, artificial intelligence, electronic information, biomedicine, medical equipment, new energy, new materials and other industries, which is still among the national universities. first. What’s more worth mentioning is that the companies participating in the recruitment activities are all “Jiaotong University people” – Spiech Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Hydrogen New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Shurui Technology Co., Ltd., etc. are all scientific and technological innovations of school teachers. enterprise.

According to the relevant person in charge of Shanghai Jiaotong University, the science and technology enterprises participating in the recruitment activities have received strong support from the school from inception to development at every stage.

“On the one hand, the school enhances students’ innovation and entrepreneurship ability by jointly carrying out student internships and trainings with teachers’ scientific and technological innovation enterprises, and on the other hand, encourages teachers’ scientific and technological innovation enterprises to strengthen scientific and technological innovation, create more jobs, and become an industry-oriented, employment-driven The characteristic carrier with obvious effect helps to realize more adequate and higher-quality employment for college students.” said Lin Zhongqin, President of Shanghai Jiaotong University.

It is understood that the contracted students from No. 1 to No. 100 of the 2022 Shanghai College Graduate Employment Agreement are all from Shanghai Jiaotong University. Many graduates have joined key national industrial units and went to places where the motherland needs them most.

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Zhou Chang, a master graduate of the School of Shipbuilding, Marine and Architectural Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University, gave up job offers from many Internet companies during the job-hunting season, and chose to submit his resume to the 726 Research Institute of CSSC to become a builder in the marine industry.

“I still remember the experience of participating in the National Marine Vehicle Design and Production Competition 4 years ago with the encouragement of my teacher. Everyone’s enthusiasm and persistence in marine equipment gave me the dream of participating in the marine business.” Zhou Chang said.

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In May this year, the Ministry of Education launched the “100-day sprint” campaign for the employment of college graduates in 2022. Universities around the country continued to hold special actions such as recruitment activities, ten thousand enterprises entering the school, targeted assistance, visiting enterprises and job development, and employment guidance to prepare for graduation. Escort the road to job hunting.

The person in charge of the employment guidance department of Renmin University of China introduced that since the employment season, the school has invited key units to enter the school to carry out recruitment activities, and a total of 43 large and medium-sized double-selection meetings have been held, including special sessions for undergraduates and female college students. Visited 52 key employers, and more than 90% of the units reached cooperation intentions. Each college visited 109 employers through field visits, video negotiations and other forms, and expanded more than 400 positions.

Bring teachers to visit enterprises, schools and enterprises to join hands to promote employment – for a period of time, colleges and universities around the world have “going out” to visit enterprises to expand employment opportunities to open up employment opportunities for graduates.

Guangdong carried out a special action themed “employer visits to all employees to promote employment”, and implemented the “top leader” project for the employment of college graduates. Since the launch of the event, secretaries and principals of 140 colleges and universities have visited 5,710 employers online and offline, creating 76,000 new jobs, 43,000 internship positions, and reaching 3,431 cooperation intentions for internship practice bases.

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Shandong University recently held the 2022 talent introduction aerial dual election meeting for alumni companies, attracting 170 alumni companies to participate and providing nearly 10,000 jobs. Fan Liming, president of Shandong University, said that alumni companies actively responded to the call, created employment opportunities for graduates from their alma mater, and took the initiative to recruit graduates for employment and entrepreneurship, which was touching.

Wang Hui, director of the Ministry of Education’s College Students Department, introduced that in 2022, the Ministry of Education will launch the “National 24365 College Student Employment Service Platform” to provide diversified services for college graduates, employers, college students’ employment fronts and the general public. Up to now, for the 2022 graduates, the platform has gathered a wealth of jobs, and launched “Internet + Employment Guidance” live courses and a series of employment guidance training courses, providing a large number of occupational assessments, occupational encyclopedias and occupational cases. There are millions of Graduates are registered for use.

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The scale and increment of graduates from ordinary colleges and universities in the country in 2022 are the largest in history. At present, under the influence of uncertain factors such as shrinking demand, supply shock, weakening expectations, and the epidemic, the Chinese economy is facing a severe and complicated employment situation for college graduates, facing multiple difficulties and challenges.

Zhang Chao, director of the Student Career Development Guidance Center of Tsinghua University, believes that alleviating the difficulties of students’ mentality is one of the focuses of the employment work of college graduates this year. On the one hand, schools should provide more employment resources, and on the other hand, they should pay attention to the psychological anxiety of graduates’ employment.

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In response to the various difficulties encountered by graduates in their job-hunting process, colleges and universities in various regions have demonstrated their abilities and provided practical and detailed employment guidance services to provide families with poverty alleviation, subsistence allowances, zero-employment families, and colleges and universities with disabilities who have not been employed for a long time. Graduates are the key recipients of assistance.

“Originally, I didn’t have much confidence in finding a job, but counselors and teachers recommended recruitment information in WeChat groups every day to encourage them to take the initiative, so I also submitted a few resumes. You have sent me an offer (admission notice).” Li Lingxue, an undergraduate graduate from a university in Hangzhou, has a difficult family, and with the help of the school’s employment assistance action, she has achieved employment through the accurately pushed positions.

According to the person in charge of the employment guidance department of Renmin University of China, the school has established a support work account for graduates from key groups such as families with economic difficulties, ethnic minorities, and physical disabilities, and mobilized college counselors, class teachers, graduate tutors, professional teachers, alumni and other students. In accordance with the requirements of “one policy for life”, the company implements the three-in-one support measures of “economic assistance, information attention, and psychological counseling”, accurately recommending more than 3 positions for each graduate with employment difficulties, and organizes resume writing and interview counseling. and other series of employment guidance activities.

During the employment season, Zhejiang University held more than 100 employment guidance activities such as employment situation analysis, grass-roots employment theme lectures, job-seeking skills training, and job-seeking psychological adjustment. At the same time, a two-level career counseling studio has been established, and experts inside and outside the school have been hired to provide students with one-on-one counseling and counseling in terms of self-cognition, time management, interpersonal communication, career choice, and career planning.

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