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Colombia celebrates victory against the multinational Red Eagle

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Colombia celebrates victory against the multinational Red Eagle

Through a statement, the National Government celebrated the court’s decision, pointing out that “The Arbitration Court established under the auspices of the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes, ICSID, put an end to the arbitration initiated by Red Eagle Exploration Limited, Red Eagle , against Colombia, in relation to the prohibition of mining in paramo ecosystems and, particularly, in Santurbán”

“In the award, the Arbitration Court completely dismisses the claims for expropriation and violation of the Minimum Standard of Treatment presented by Red Eagle and recognizes that the prohibition of mining activities in páramo ecosystems constitutes a legitimate exercise of Colombia’s right to exercise powers “regulatory measures for the general interest, especially in matters relating to environmental protection.”

We must not forget that the Páramo de Santurbán is a vital ecosystem in the Andean region of Colombia. Its moors are home to unique biodiversity and are crucial sources of water for local communities and nearby cities. Mining in this area could have devastating consequences for ecological balance and water security.

This ruling not only protects the environment, but also the rights of the communities that depend on the natural resources of the paramo. Mining could have affected their ways of life and their access to water. Now, the opportunity opens for sustainable development that benefits everyone.

This case highlights the importance of considering the environment in economic decisions. Colombia has shown that it can defend its natural resources and its sovereignty. Furthermore, it is a reminder that trade agreements must balance economic interests with the preservation of the planet.

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