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Colombia joins the governments of the world to bet on the reduction of plastic

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Colombia joins the governments of the world to bet on the reduction of plastic

Colombia joins the program announced towards the end of 2022 in which, together with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), the Plastic Free Foundation and WWF project the creation of a plan that unites governments to work in a together against one of the most important polluting agents in the world: plastic.

According to the international consultancy Ipsos, Colombia is one of the Latin American countries that is in favor of the cause with about 78%.

The study was carried out on people between the ages of 18 and 74 from 34 countries, where the Colombian nation stood out with second place in the position ranking in support of the project, after Mexico.
Use of plastics and pollution in the national territory

The pollution produced by this material is one of the most important sources in environmental matters. In fact, the situation in Colombia is quite serious, since around 1,250,000 tons of plastic are consumed each year. This, according to information provided by GreenPeace, an environmental organization in defense of the environment through global environmental complaints and participation strategies.

The data is especially important if one takes into account that about 74% of the containers end their journey of use in the country’s sanitary landfills and water sources. Other figures obtained by the National University of Colombia indicate that 348 million tons of plastic are produced each year.

The seas that surround the country, as well as the rivers that cross it, have become the sites of greatest location of the material, deepening the contamination. The fact not only results in a human health risk issue, but also threatens the lives of thousands of species that inhabit the waters and that, in addition, play a determining role in the cycle, the atmosphere and processes such as moderation of the weather.

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Initiatives that already face this pollution problem

One of the measures adopted in response to this fact was taken by Mayor Claudia López to progressively reduce the purchase and consumption of single-use plastics in the District. The entities that adhered to the norm were the local mayors’ offices, the Ombudsman’s Office, the Oversight Office, the Bogotá Council and the Comptroller’s Office.

The items that were considered within the measure of the Mayor’s Office and that turn out to be the elements with the longest life until their decomposition are the following: straws, cutlery, bags, inflating pumps, plates, bottles, mixers, among others. However, plastics used in medical and prison services were not considered under the regulation due to their content, since their handling represents a risk to human health, for which reason a specific treatment must be carried out.

In addition, the project has indicated that the events organized by the institutions that are within the norm must also implement sustainability criteria that comply with the Decree, a process reviewed by the Ministry of Environment.

It is also important to remember that, in 2022, the Senate of the Republic gave way to the bill that will seek the prohibition of single-use plastics in the national territory.

In this way, the 14 plastics that cannot be used in commerce, imports, and distribution are: plastic bags for packing and transporting items (except for products of animal origin), packaging, plates, containers, forks, knives, spoons, trays, food storage containers, streamers, inflators, tablecloths, straws and glasses.

The initiative also proposes the promotion of the circular economy through conditions for recycling the material, so that it is possible to obtain items that can continue to be used in the country. with Infobae

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