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Colombia vs. Peru. What time does the National Team play?

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The results for the Colombia Sub-20 team They have not been favorable so far, in their debut against Paraguay the team led by coach Héctor Cárdenas tied, so their performance in the match this Saturday, January 21, has to be the best.

The Colombian team must add 3 points to continue with the classification, the sporting event will take place at the Pascual Guerrero stadiumwhere the pulses will be for the selection to achieve more points in the table.

What time does the National Team play?

The match will start at 6:30 p.m.which will be broadcast by national channels such as Canal caracol and Telepacífico, in addition there will also be live broadcasts through the internet.

South American Sub-20: Colombia draws in its debut:

The Colombian National Team debuted in the South American Sub 20 against Paraguay at the Pascual Guerrero. The host team was measured in the first day of their group, A, against a Paraguayan team that in the first 45 minutes surpassed the quality of play. For their part, those led by Héctor Cárdenas had a match with two different faces for each half, the first being a very low level one that allowed La Albirroja to score a goal.

The game had several high points, however, there are several analysts who criticized the refereeing by Gustavo Tejera, a Uruguayan who declared an action in which the ball hit Gustavo Puerta in the hand, after 6 minutes, as a penalty. “I have consulted Giovanna Chaparro, referee analyst for Blu Radio, and she agrees that the hand was a protective hand, so it should not have been called as a penalty,” said Hernández Bonnet in the broadcast of the game by Gol Caracol. It is valid to remember that the tournament does not have VAR.

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