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Colombia Women’s Team will face the United States today in the quarterfinals

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Colombia Women’s Team will face the United States today in the quarterfinals

The Colombian Women’s National Team is ready for the Quarterfinal match against the United States, which will take place today, March 3, starting at 8:15 PM

With a last training session held yesterday, Saturday, March 2 in the city of Los Angeles, The Colombian players refined details and adjusted strategies to face this crucial challenge.

From the early hours of the morning, the members of the national team gathered on the field to carry out a training session that lasted approximately an hour and a half. Under the direction of the coaching staff headed by Angelo Marsiglia, the work was divided into three different phases.

In the first stage, the players performed warm-up exercises, applying rondos dynamics to activate the body and mind for the subsequent work. Then, the game plan designed by the coaching staff was executed, focusing on specific tactical and strategic aspects to face the American team. Finally, the session concluded with specific work on set pieces, seeking to polish details in crucial aspects of the game.

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The Colombian Women’s Team reaches this Quarterfinal stage after a outstanding performance in the group stage, where they accumulated 7 points in the general table, with eight goals in favor and two victories in Group B. Now, the challenge is to face a rival as demanding as the United States, against whom in the last two matches they have not managed to obtain positive results, with scores of 0-0 and 0-3 against.

However, the Colombian team is determined to change history and advance to the 2024 Women’s Gold Cup Semifinals. To this end, during the last training session, they focused on adjusting details, especially in the line of attack, seeking to enhance their strengths and minimize weaknesses against a highly demanding opponent.

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In this sense, the players Elexa Bahr and Liana Salazar, prominent members of the team, shared their impressions about how the group is at this moment and what aspects they have focused on during the different training sessions.

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