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Colombian Air Force Plane’s Curious Stopover in Orlando Stirs Controversy

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Colombian Air Force Plane’s Detour to Orlando Raises Eyebrows

ORLANDO, FLORIDA – After the conclusion of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, a Colombian Air Force plane made an unexpected stop in the sunny city of Orlando, Florida. The aircraft, which is occasionally used by the Presidency of the Republic, stayed in Orlando for three days before continuing its journey.

The plane departed Orlando on Saturday, September 23, and arrived in Cali, Colombia, later that night. From Cali, it proceeded to its final destination – Bogotá. The Colombian Air Force has clarified that the detour to Orlando was planned and requested by their military personnel.

Curiosity arose as to why this specific route was chosen and suspicions were raised regarding the purpose of the stopover. Social media users speculated on the reasons behind the decision, leading to comments from President Gustavo Petro.

Using his Twitter account, President Petro expressed his surprise at the speculation surrounding the trip. He deemed it “incredible” that a section of the national press was already contemplating a secretive excursion of his to Florida. Petro further criticized the press for allowing itself to be influenced by the opinions of the opposition.

To shed light on the situation, the Colombian Aerospace Force published an explanation on its Twitter account. They revealed that the FAC 1222 plane was transporting ensigns from the Military Aviation School on a geostrategic visit to military units of the US Air Force, US Navy, and US Army. The visit also included a stop at Cape Canaveral in Florida.

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However, the controversy surrounding President Petro did not stop there. A video of his speech at the UN Assembly surfaced, revealing that applauses from the attendees were added at the end, which did not coincide with the exact moment the president finished his speech.

In response to this incident, the Ministry of Communications and Press issued a statement. They expressed their disappointment that the contractor unilaterally made the decision to edit the video without any authorization or instructions. The ministry emphasized that such unreliable editing practices do not align with their editorial policy. They assured the public that appropriate measures have been taken to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

As the discussions continue regarding the detour of the Colombian Air Force plane, President Petro hopes to put to rest the speculations surrounding his trip to Florida. The purpose and motives behind the detour have now been clarified, highlighting the importance of accurate reporting and avoiding unnecessary assumptions.

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